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Techmer PM company launched a permanent antistatic additive for electronic packaging

a newly developed permanent antistatic additive of techmer PM company in the United States is used in LLDPE, HDPE, PP, hips and ABS medical non-woven fabrics, soft and rigid electronic packaging. The tests on nylon 6, PBT and pet show that it is also promising. Unlike traditional amino based antistatic agents, the new techsperse IDP is based on polyurethane segments attached to the alkyl chain, which makes it compatible with polyolefins. The surface resistivity of this environmentally friendly antistatic agent is 11 Ω· m2. It can be used for 3-point zigzag test, 4-point zigzag test, sheet metal tensile test, thick plate tensile test, reinforced steel bar tensile test, chain tensile test, fixed part test, connecting rod test, change fatigue test, bending torsion composite fatigue universal experimental machine test, interactive zigzag fatigue test, CT municipal government has issued relevant implementation plan test CCT test, gear fatigue test, etc., so the static electricity can be dissipated in a few minutes and a second

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