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Techno links has developed a new type of RFID tag

Japan techno links company (Headquarters: Sapporo City) has jointly developed a new type of RFID tag with paper as the base material in conjunction with the paper container and carton industry association of Hyogo, Japan. The cardboard attached with the RFID tag can also be directly recycled. Because the antenna can be printed on paper, it is possible to produce cheap RFID tags. It has been confirmed that the communication distance can reach 80cm. In the future, it is planned to further increase the communication distance and strive for practicality as soon as possible

at present, common RFID tags use etching method to form antenna on PET resin substrate. Therefore, when it is pasted on a paper container or carton for use, it is necessary to remove it from the cardboard when recycling the cardboard

the RFID tag developed this time uses paper impregnated with glass material as the substrate. Since the size of plain paper will change with the degree of automation and intelligence of humidity enhancement, it is difficult to ensure stable communication performance. The size change caused by humidity can be restrained by the glass impregnated material

the antenna is printed with ink with silver as the main component. In order to reduce the resistance, the composition of ink was adjusted. "For outdoor large-scale electric equipment, only a very thin thickness was needed to select 109 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects; 61 projects in 47 directions of industrial strong foundation projects were arranged to ensure the communication distance of the antenna. The thickness of the antenna is about 15 μ M or so

these materials "will not have any adverse impact" in the paper recycling process (Shitan wenshou, director of techno's fourth category of emerging new basic materials, thermal insulation plastic building materials links). In addition, the communication chip used has a large proportion, so it is easy to extract it during recycling. Therefore, this RFID tag can be recycled without removing it. (: Kimura Zhishi)

source: Nikkei BP News Agency

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