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The modernization of China's industry, especially the modernization of the manufacturing industry, requires the equipment manufacturing industry to provide advanced manufacturing means. CNC machine tool is a machine tool for processing various kinds of equipment, and it is the basic equipment to realize the modernization of manufacturing technology and equipment. Its performance, quality and ownership have become an important symbol to measure a country's industrialization level and comprehensive national strength

2009, affected by the world financial crisis, the production of machine tools in the world generally contracted and the output value fell sharply. China has formulated and issued a series of measures to expand domestic demand, adjust structure and maintain growth. The Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant departments have organized and implemented a number of major scientific and technological projects and technological transformation projects in accordance with the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the implementation plan for major scientific and technological projects of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and relevant industrial policies, so as to maintain the sustainable growth of the machine tool industry, The total industrial output value increased by 16.1% year-on-year. In 2009, the output value and consumption of machine tools in China reached US $15.3 billion and US $19.7 billion respectively, ranking first in the world. The implementation of various policies and measures has promoted the rapid development of domestic high-end CNC machine tools and their supporting products, optimized the market demand structure, made great progress in enterprise merger and reorganization, and significantly enhanced the independent innovation ability of key enterprises

a series of independent innovation achievements stand out

through technological innovation and the launch of a number of new products, major enterprises have made great progress in product structure adjustment. In order to adapt to the changes in market demand since the financial crisis, many enterprises have reduced the production of low-grade and ordinary products, accelerated the upgrading of economic CNC machine tools, and focused on the development of medium and high-grade CNC machine tools and production lines. In 2009, the numerical control rate of machine tool output value of key enterprises in the industry reached more than 50%, with a year-on-year increase of 5%

the independent innovation achievements of high-end CNC machine tools are remarkable. The industrialization of independent innovation achievements has been accelerated. The enterprise has developed a number of high-speed, precision, composite and multi axis CNC machine tools, as well as a number of new products of large-scale and large tonnage CNC machine tools. These new products basically meet the processing and production needs of users of national key projects and play a key role in the national economic construction and the development of national defense and military industry. In the research and development of heavy and Super Heavy CNC machine tools, a number of international advanced high-end CNC machine tools such as heavy gantry five axis linkage composite machine tools, Super Heavy CNC horizontal boring lathes, five axis linkage blade processing machines, CNC heavy crankshaft milling composite machine tools, large CNC stamping production lines have been successfully developed, meeting the key processing needs of aerospace, power generation equipment, automobiles and other key fields for super large parts; High speed/precision CNC lathes how to do well in the network promotion of material testing machines Processing centers and other products are widely used in automobile, aerospace, electronics, military industry and other industries, and have driven the equipment renovation and industrial upgrading of many small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the development of mainframe drives the development of its supporting CNC system, servo drive/motor, various functional components and other industries, extends the industrial chain, and drives the development of upstream and downstream industries and local economy

a number of enterprises are emerging in the international market.

key enterprises in the machine tool industry have seized the opportunity, walked in the forefront of the industry in this round of technological innovation, and achieved fruitful results. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has experienced the process from digestion and absorption of imported technology to completely independent innovation and development in the research and development of large-scale automobile CNC stamping production line, and has mastered and successfully applied many international cutting-edge technologies. Through continuous independent innovation, Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has provided nearly 300 large stamping production lines for domestic automobile manufacturers such as FAW, FAW, SAIC, GAC, etc; In the international market, it has successively won key projects such as 5000 ton multi station press and 3200 ton large stamping line from customers in the United States, Australia, Brazil and other countries, established its competitive position in the international market, became a global supplier to international automobile manufacturers such as general motors, Ford and Mercedes Benz, and was praised as one of the three largest stamping equipment manufacturers in the world by foreign customers

Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant, which specializes in the development of heavy-duty CNC machine tools, successfully acquired Adolf vadrickenberg machine tool company, a world leading enterprise of heavy-duty machine tools, in 2005. Through the acquisition, it has improved its ability in the R & D and manufacturing of heavy-duty machine tools. Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant, in close connection with the urgent needs of domestic large-scale electric power, aerospace and heavy machinery users for ultra heavy and heavy load five axis linkage composite machine tools, has developed a CNC bridge gantry five axis linkage turning and milling composite machine tool with a maximum gantry width of 10 meters to further promote the production of waterborne polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather in the world, which can complete the processing of key parts and components of the nuclear island of large-scale nuclear power plants; During the research and development process, key technologies such as three-stage beam assembly and processing technology have been broken through to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine tool. At present, the first machine tool has been developed and delivered to users

Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. developed the world's largest ultra heavy horizontal boring lathe with a rotation diameter of 5 meters and a bearing capacity of 500 tons for users in the heavy machinery industry, which can be used for processing 1.1 million KW nuclear power half speed rotors and 700000 kW hydropower unit rotors; During the research and development of the machine tool, the key core technologies such as ultra heavy high-precision hydrostatic spindle technology have been broken through, and the performance of the machine tool has reached the international advanced level; The machine tool has been delivered to users. It has become a world leading enterprise in the manufacturing of heavy vertical lathes

behind every international economic crisis, there are major development opportunities and challenges. Enterprises in the CNC machine tool industry seized the rare opportunity of international economic restructuring when the aircraft crashed into the right engine when it made a forced landing, defined the main direction of attack, and accelerated structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. By improving the consciousness and initiative of the whole industry in transforming the mode of economic development, promoting transformation in the process of adjustment and seeking development in the process of transformation, China has accelerated the process from a large machine tool manufacturing country to a powerful machine tool manufacturing country

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