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Song Guangsheng, director of the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association, reminded consumers that "those with light formaldehyde pollution will cause abnormal olfactory, heart, lung and immune functions, and those with heavy formaldehyde pollution will cause cancers of the nose, pharynx, skin and digestive tract."

Song Guangsheng said that the source of formaldehyde in indoor air is mainly plywood, particleboard and other man-made boards for indoor decoration. The adhesive used in the production of wood-based panels contains formaldehyde, and the residual and non reactive formaldehyde in the panels will gradually release to the surrounding environment, which is the main body of formaldehyde in the indoor air

"to prevent formaldehyde pollution, we should start before interior decoration." Song Guangsheng said, "First of all, don't use one kind of material in a large area for the floor material of the room; in addition, choose the construction process that has little pollution to the indoor environment during the decoration, and generally don't pave the large core board under the composite wood floor; after the decoration, appropriately extend the check-in time and increase ventilation to release indoor formaldehyde as much as possible; don't buy furniture with strong pungent smell when purchasing, and don't buy furniture that is not produced by regular manufacturers and doesn't have quality inspection certificate."





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