Labor is the most glorious, Yuetong creates may da

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This wuyiyue Tongchuang is grateful for Juhui, and it is the most glorious to repay the model worker with the cash award


this is a sentence that everyone is familiar with. This wuyiyue Tongchuang is grateful for Juhui and gives back the model worker with cash awards

what is a model worker

in short, it is a model worker, that is, those workers who make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions

then, the opportunity came! Our hard-working shopping guides, from May 1 to May 15, this is the time for you to show your skills and win the grand prize

shopping guide, this position requires professional product knowledge, patient and sincere working attitude, and meticulous professionalism, so as to help consumers buy real practical and applicable products. This holiday, yuetongchuang praised our hard-working shopping guides and gave cash rewards to outstanding shopping guides. Daily work performance summary, daily reward is better than action

△ He Gang, I speak for yuetongchuang

it's may day. Yuetongchuang is grateful for the hard-working yuetongchuang people, and specially opens the "grateful model worker" activity

labor is the most glorious. Are you on the list

time of activity: may 1-May 15, 2017

place of activity: yuetongchuang door and window stores, dealers

consultation Tel.: 1882087611 (Deng)

yuetongchuang doors and windows, the representative of the new generation of doors and windows, will always show the public personality, youth, vitality, passion, fashion and other elements. In fact, there is another element covered in these auras, that is, calm and down-to-earth, a spirit of model workers

the high-profile style of personality also reveals a steady and stable way of doing things everywhere. In today's society, all kinds of boasting have sprung up, but the number of people who really feel at ease to do things is gradually decreasing. Yuetongchuang, a young generation, can be determined to provide the most reliable door and window products and services for thousands of families with craftsmanship and tireless efforts

activities are ready to go, and work hard

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