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On July 9, 2015, the 2015 national home furnishing industry dealer survey and the selection of excellent customized home furnishing brands came to an end. Europay wardrobe won the award of "the most admired brand by dealers" in this event, and gained a lot

it took more than two months, 207 brands participated, 2455850 people voted, and dealers voted for seven Awards...

in the afternoon of July 9, the 2015 national household industry dealer survey and customized household excellent brand selection and award ceremony co hosted by home hotline and Huiya information was held in the VIP Hall on the second floor of Guangzhou Poly exhibition hall. All major awards were announced one by one, and the event came to a successful conclusion. Europay wardrobe won the award of "the most respected brand of dealers" in this event, and gained a lot

Guangdong oupai home furnishing Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, and the "Guangdong oupai group" was established in 2009. With the overall cabinet as the flagship, the overall wardrobe, kitchen appliances, overall bathroom, modern wooden doors, solid surface materials, commercial kitchenware, etc. as the fleet, it is a comprehensive modern integrated home furnishing service provider in China. Europay introduces the world's leading German Haomai flexible production line, and the product manufacturing process is automated, information-based and refined, so as to ensure that the products do the best in every link from design, cutting, cutting, surface treatment, assembly, transportation, installation to service, and ensure high-quality products

"go deep into channel terminals and find advantageous brands" is the purpose that the "big survey" activity has always adhered to. The activities are compelling and manufacturers' information is exchanged. It is really up to dealers to decide the awards of excellent brands. After winning this award, oupai wardrobe said that it would be a good leader in the industry, set an example for its peers and contribute to the development of the industry





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