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Exhaust fan, also known as negative pressure fan, negative pressure fan, etc. It is the use of air convection that can keep the room in a negative pressure state, form a suction force, continuously inhale the outdoor air, and discharge the indoor sultry air, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling. I don't know if you have heard of Zhengye exhaust fan? If you want to buy Zhengye exhaust fan, you must first understand the price of Zhengye exhaust fan, the specification and model of Zhengye exhaust fan and other relevant knowledge

exhaust fan is often used in our life, especially in summer and winter, when the air conditioner is turned on at home, the air is turbid, so it is essential to have an exhaust fan. Today I want to recommend a good exhaust fan brand - Zhengye exhaust fan. For those who first come into contact with Zhengye exhaust fan, it is inevitable to have questions about the specifications and models of Zhengye exhaust fan and the price of Zhengye exhaust fan. Don't worry. If you want to buy Zhengye exhaust fan, you might as well come with me to understand the specification, price, installation and cleaning of Zhengye exhaust fan

introduction to Zhengye exhaust fan

Zhengye exhaust fan is the main brand of Guangdong Zhengye Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. located in Foshan, the company is a large enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of ventilation and ventilation electrical equipment. The company's products have hundreds of series and more than a thousand models and specifications. It is one of the manufacturers with the most complete supporting products in the domestic industry at present. The company has also established a global sales network with businesses in more than 20 countries and regions

specifications and models of Zhengye exhaust fan

Zhengye electric ventilator series products emerge in endlessly, with a total of more than 300 product models and various specifications, but there are only dozens of commonly used products, such as apc10e, apb15a, bpt13-13c1, bpt18-44a, bpt12-13c, apb20b2, etc., which we will introduce to you below

price of Zhengye exhaust fan

due to the different models and manufacturers of Zhengye exhaust fan, of course, the price of Zhengye exhaust fan will also vary. The price of Zhengye exhaust fan ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

installation of Zhengye exhaust fan

1. Before installation of exhaust fan: carefully check whether the fan is intact, whether the bolts of each fastener are loose or fall off, and whether the impeller collides with the hood. Carefully check whether the fan blade or shutter is deformed or damaged during transportation; When installing and selecting the air outlet environment, it should be noted that there should be no too large obstacles within 2.5-3M on the opposite side of the air outlet

2. When installing the exhaust fan: the installation is stable: pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan when installing the fan, and adjust it to the level and stability between the fan and the foundation plane The motor shall not tilt after installation; When installing the fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position convenient for operation To adjust the tightness of the belt when it is convenient to use; When installing the fan support, make sure that the support and the foundation plane are horizontal and stable. If necessary, install angle iron next to the fan for re reinforcement; After the installation of the fan, check the sealing around it. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with sunlight plate or glass glue

3. Completion of exhaust fan installation: after installation, check whether there are left tools and sundries inside the fan Move the fan blade by hand or lever to check whether it is too tight or rubbed, and whether there are objects that hinder the rotation, and whether there are abnormal phenomena, then the test run can be carried out; If the fan vibrates or the motor has “ Buzzing ” The abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena should be stopped for inspection, and the machine can be started for use after repair

cleaning method of Zhengye exhaust fan

1 Unplug the power supply of Zhengye exhaust fan, gently unplug the power supply, and be careful when unplugging the power supply

2. Loosen the front and rear screws, and gently remove the rear cover of Zhengye exhaust fan

3. Pull out the connector of Zhengye exhaust fan, and remove the filter screen and the rear cover together, so as not to touch each other

4. Mix detergent and clean water to an appropriate concentration; If there is oil stain, use hot water and detergent, and add a little more detergent. Hot water must be used here

5. Put the filter screen and the rear cover into the container, wash with clean water after 10-15 minutes, do not immerse the small motor in water, and do not wash the small motor with water

6. Reinstall the filter screen and rear cover. The distance should not be too close, and the air circulation and humidity should be kept balanced. If necessary, consider using some dehumidifiers or dehumidification facilities together, and try to use purified water when injecting water into the water cooling device. Purified water has high purity and few bacteria, which can reduce the breeding of bacteria in the condensation process

7. The water in the sink should be added frequently to keep it at a safe water level, and it should be replaced regularly. After long-term operation, due to the blockage of dust and dirt, the air volume and refrigeration effect of filter screen and air curtain will be affected. Therefore, it is best to clean it every two weeks. The distance should not be too close, and the air circulation and humidity should be kept balanced. If necessary, consider using some dehumidifiers or dehumidification facilities together

editor's summary: the above is the specification and model of Zhengye exhaust fan. I hope to help friends who need it in this regard! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products





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