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Aluminum alloy doors and windows have the characteristics of consolidation, generosity, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., so aluminum alloy doors are very suitable for cleaning rooms, which are often wet environment. Due to the special environment of the cleaning room, the planning of the aluminum alloy cleaning room door should also pay attention to safety. The key to the planning of the aluminum alloy cleaning room door is to make you centering, centering and comfortable

1. The door leaf of the cleaning room should be partially transparent in order to understand the application situation

the door leaf should be set with light transparent and opaque glass, which is convenient for people to understand the internal application situation through the transmission of lights, and is also conducive to timely detect emergencies in the cleaning room

2. The door can be opened outwards, which is conducive to urgent rescue.

now, the market also presents door leaves that can be opened inside and outside, which can be selected according to demand. The space in the cleaning room is narrow, and people's bodies may prevent the door from opening inward after falling to the ground. From the point of view of convenient first aid, the door of aluminum alloy cleaning room is best to be outward opening or push-pull type. Sometimes, due to the use habits or limited by the space of the condom, when the cleaning room can only use the inner door, the lower part of the door leaf can be made into a way that can be partially opened or removed, so that the rescuers can enter and rescue in an urgent situation

3. Set door stopper to avoid collision with fragile objects

the glass shower interval in the cleaning room is classified as fragile objects. In order to avoid collision with the shower interval when the door leaf is open, it is advocated to set door stopper to control the opening scale of the door. It should be noted that the door stopper should be set in a relatively hidden position on the ground beside the wall to avoid tripping or hanging when people pass by

4. Pay attention to the installation of sliding door guide rail to avoid tripping

when selecting sliding door in aluminum alloy cleaning room, pay attention to the treatment of the ground guide rail, try to make the guide rail flush with the ground materials, or control the height difference between the threshold and the ground below 15mm, so as to prevent the elderly from tripping when going to the toilet and facilitate the smooth passage of wheelchair. Aluminum alloy sliding door with upper guide rail can also be selected

the clean room is a relatively private place, so many families pay special attention to decorating the clean room. After the cleaning room door is planned, it can not only beautify the interior very well, but also hide the cleaning room very well. Do every detail carefully, and your home will be more warm





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