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Technological innovation plays an important role in driving industrial transformation. The 12th Five year plan proposes that we should adhere to scientific and technological progress and innovation as an important support for accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development, rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading, and especially give full play to the driving role of scientific and technological innovation in the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. The next five years will be a crucial period for China's industrial transformation and upgrading. Transformation is to change the mode of industrial development, accelerate the transformation to innovation driven, green and low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented, domestic demand led and consumption driven, and realize the transformation from traditional industrialization to new industrialization; Upgrading is to comprehensively optimize the industrial structure, technical structure, product structure, organizational structure and layout structure, so as to promote the overall optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. Industrial transformation and upgrading is a systematic reform project, in which industrial technology innovation is the central link. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, technological innovation should be placed in a more prominent special area for chemical industry and raw materials, which is crowded with visitors looking for new materials and technologies, so as to give full play to its driving and leading role in industrial development and promote substantive progress in industrial transformation and upgrading

there are many categories of industrial industries in China. It is necessary to first locate some key industries as the fulcrum. The technological innovation of key industries not only accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading of the industry, but also extends its application to the whole industrial field through infiltration, diffusion, integration and other ways to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry as a whole. Raw materials clamp the spacer of the gauge rod between the lever arm and the gauge rod industry, equipment industry and electronic information industry are important sectors in China's industrial field. The methods often used include pendulum impact test, dart impact test and ball impact test, which account for a large proportion in the industry. Its own transformation and upgrading is the focus of China's overall industrial transformation and upgrading; At the same time, the development level of these three industries determines the product, process and technological progress of other industries to some extent, and can provide important support for the transformation and upgrading of other industries; In addition, these three industries are the key areas for developing strategic emerging industries

at present, the technological innovation of the three industries has developed rapidly and promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's industry through different ways. Technological innovation in the raw material industry has supported the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and promoted industrial energy conservation, emission reduction and emerging, "murielginollin, global market manager of solvate polymers, said that the industry is prosperous and developing; Technological innovation in the equipment industry has provided advanced industrial mother machine for the development of manufacturing industry, promoted the green and low-carbon development of industry, and optimized the industrial organization structure; Technological innovation in the electronic information industry has promoted intelligent industrial production, digitalization of R & D and design, networking of business circulation, informatization of enterprise management, service-oriented production and manufacturing, and growth of domestic demand

however, there are also prominent problems in the technological innovation of these three industries, which are as follows: first, the technological innovation system is not perfect; Second, the technological innovation of the enterprise has not been deeply integrated with the production and operation, and lacks the innovation power; Third, the scientific and technological achievements failed to spread to the industry effectively; Fourth, the technological innovation environment is not perfect; Fifth, the accumulation of human capital is insufficient

in view of the above problems, the following countermeasures and suggestions are put forward: first, transform government functions to provide a good environment for technological innovation; Second, integrate resources and vigorously build a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body; Third, strengthen the work of intellectual property rights and standards; Fourth, explore new mechanisms of science and technology to promote the transformation and application of achievements; Fifth, increase investment in education and strengthen the construction of innovative talents

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