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Technical barriers hinder domestic enterprises from developing to the high-end polypropylene market

plastics have been more and more widely used in people's lives. Most plastics are opaque, such as plastic pipes, plastic barrels, plastic chairs, plastic toys, etc. this opaque material can be accepted by people when used. However, some plastic utensils are expected to be transparent when used, such as microwave oven tableware, syringe syringe, electric iron water tank, automobile antifreeze tank, and food bags. We require qualified technicians to clearly divide the work and bag them. These plastic products in transparent state are not only visually clear, but also convenient for correct use. Now the most striking raw material that makes plastics transparent is PP (polypropylene), which has the fastest growth rate and the most active new product development

polypropylene is comparable to polycarbonate and polystyrene, and its performance price ratio is also better. Therefore, polypropylene can be widely used in transparent packaging, medical devices, household products, general industry and other fields. In particular, high transparent PP (polypropylene) is applicable to a large temperature range. Even if it is used in the microwave oven, there is no need to worry that the high temperature will damage the food packaging and pollute the food. At the same time, due to the good flexibility of high transparent PP (polypropylene), the plastic disc made of it is not easy to crack and has good sealing performance. It can be predicted that high transparent PP (polypropylene) will be a trend for transparent packaging products. It is understood that the international market demand for highly transparent PP (polypropylene) is more than 3 million tons per year, and the domestic demand is also growing

yurenjun, the polymerization team leader and team technician of a set of devices in PP workshop of Yangzi Petrochemical plastics plant, introduced to us that domestic petrochemical enterprises have made active efforts in the development and production of this product. The main method of producing high transparent PP (polypropylene) in China is to add transparent modifier, but there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries in the research of transparent agent process, performance development and product types. The application of domestic high transparent PP (polypropylene) in the market is mainly limited to low-value plastic products such as film, water cup and disposable tableware, while high-end products such as microwave oven appliances and medical supplies mostly rely on imports. Solving the development and production problems is the key. At this stage, starting from the development and production, it is the primary problem to be solved for domestic high transparent PP (polypropylene) to move towards the high-end field

develop and produce new high-performance transparent modifier. High performance transparent modifier is the key to produce high quality transparent PP (polypropylene). China's high-performance transparent modifier is difficult to meet the needs of the development of high transparent PP (polypropylene) in terms of variety and quantity. The funds raised by the existing transparent modifier will be used to produce 3D printing materials made of ordinary plastic wastes. The annual output of the clear modifier is not more than 100 tons in total, and the output is far from meeting the domestic demand. As a result, the transparent modifier has to rely heavily on imports, increasing the production cost. Little is known about the influence of transparent modifier on the crystalline morphology and properties of PP (polypropylene) which can be confirmed by rapid 30C charge discharge and processing technology, so it is necessary to make in-depth research. It is hoped to adapt to the development of domestic plastic market and expand the production scale and efficiency of transparent modifier

intensify efforts to develop high transparent PP (polypropylene) random copolymerization brand. Random copolymerization is the random copolymerization of two or more monomers to form a polymer. High transparent PP (polypropylene) made from PP (polypropylene) random copolymerization products has a light transmittance of more than 94%. The transparent water cups, packaging boxes, office folders and file cabinets made by foreign enterprises with this product occupy a leading position in the transparent plastic products market. Since there is no similar raw material in China, this product basically relies on import. Highly transparent PP (polypropylene) random copolymers have a promising prospect in the domestic plastic market and have good economic benefits, which should be vigorously developed

at present, the production of highly transparent PP (polypropylene) with metallocene catalyst has been industrialized in the world. Because metallocene catalyst has the characteristics of single active center, it can more accurately control the molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, crystal structure and the addition mode of comonomer on the polymer molecular chain, so as to produce high-strength and transparent PP (polypropylene). Many foreign companies are trying to develop metallocene catalysts to produce highly transparent PP (polypropylene). The research on Preparation of PP (polypropylene) with metallocene catalyst is active in China. The development of highly transparent metallocene PP (polypropylene) should be accelerated to meet the needs of production of highly transparent PP (polypropylene) products in China

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