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Technological innovation is an important driving force to promote scientific and Technological Development

innovation is an important driving force to promote scientific and technological development, and encouraging innovation is a necessary measure to build a strong scientific and technological country. In particular, at present, many key technologies such as semiconductors in China are stuck by other countries. It is the best way to break through the technical blockade by innovation. In recent years, in order to improve the ability of innovation, China has made the following suggestions from all aspects: innovation is an important driving force to promote the development of science and technology, and encouraging innovation is a necessary measure to build a 3D printing conduit such as a strong scientific and technological country. Especially me 5 Yield ratio( σ s/σ b) At present, a number of key technologies such as semiconductors in China are stuck by other countries. It is the best way to break through the technical blockade by innovation. In recent years, China has made great efforts in various aspects to improve its innovation ability. It includes the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, and the transformation from science and technology policy to science and technology and innovation policy paradigm driven by relevant standards; Improve the academic atmosphere and strengthen the training of innovative talents; Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and improve the enthusiasm for innovation

promoting innovation with policies to enhance scientific and technological competitiveness is not limited to science and technology itself, but also includes all aspects of economy and society. Innovation is closely related to social and economic development. Innovation policy also needs to expand its focus to the whole process of innovation activities, and provide a suitable environment for scientific and technological innovation from each link of the innovation chain. In the innovation chain, capital is undoubtedly the basic issue for enterprises to participate in technological innovation

technological innovation requires a large amount of costs. Unlike scientific research institutions that can obtain national financial support, enterprises often need to bear the costs of technological breakthroughs. For most smaller enterprises, insufficient funds are the primary factor that hinders their development of technology. In the process of exploring ways to support scientific and technological innovation, the financial industry has also found a variety of ways to solve the capital problems of enterprises, such as pledge financing with patent rights

the traditional way of loan mainly uses real estate such as houses as collateral, while scientific and technological enterprises engaged in technology research and development often adopt the asset light operation mode, lacking sufficient physical collateral. Without sufficient funds, enterprises cannot afford the cost of technological innovation or put the innovative achievements into practice. On the one hand, taking the patent right as the pledge solves the financing problem of the asset light technology-based enterprises and speeds up the capital turnover. On the other hand, the fact that the patent can be used for financing also encourages the enterprises to produce more innovative achievements and make more returns on their R & D investment

in addition, it can be transferred to the computer in a certain distance through financial means; The computer can adopt industrial control configuration software to disperse the R & D risk of the enterprise and reduce the R & D cost. For example, the insurance industry has launched a variety of insurance products, such as science and technology R & D expense loss insurance and business interruption insurance for science and technology-based enterprises. The insurance compensation mechanism for the first major technical equipment also protects the R & D of major technical equipment with huge cost and high risk

sufficient capital is an important guarantee for technology research and development. Especially for some technologies and products with long R & D cycle, high cost and slow benefit reflection, without sufficient financial support, it is difficult for enterprises to make up their minds to do so. A series of financial means adopted by China can help many small and medium-sized enterprises to alleviate their financial problems and solve their worries for innovation

the same is true for the domestic instrument industry. Compared with other technology-based enterprises, domestic instrument enterprises have a stronger demand for innovation. In the case that imported products almost monopolize the high-end market, domestic instruments not only need to deal with the partition of the market by foreign manufacturers, but also have to compete fiercely with many domestic peers. Only by maintaining their own product advantages through technological innovation can they gain a firm foothold in the market. To catch up with foreign manufacturers, domestic instrument manufacturers need to make progress in key core technologies. The cost of investment is huge. The support of financial policy can enable more small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the innovation of instruments, so as to promote the overall development of the domestic instrument industry

in addition to technological research and development, scientific and technological innovation also involves capital, talents, achievement transformation and other aspects. The above financial policies are also an important part of China's scientific and technological innovation policies. In addition, intellectual property, taxation, finance and other means are also being used to promote scientific and technological innovation. Supporting innovation needs to provide a suitable social environment for innovation, which requires the joint participation of different departments, even enterprises and social personages

China is gradually improving the construction of science, technology and innovation policy system, and policy means are becoming more diversified, paying more attention to the creation of innovation environment. With the change of the international situation, the urgency of scientific and technological innovation is becoming higher and higher. We need to strengthen our efforts and work together from many aspects to improve China's scientific and technological innovation strength

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