The hottest Baiyun paper industry has won the nati

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Baiyun paper has been the winner of the national "Ankang Cup" for six consecutive years. Recently, Baiyun paper was jointly awarded the honorary title of the winner of the 2012 national Ankang cup competition by the all China Federation of trade unions and the State Administration of work safety. This is the sixth consecutive year since 2007

for a long time, Baiyun paper has always attached great importance to safety production, earnestly implemented the policy of putting party and national safety first, giving priority to prevention and comprehensive management, firmly established the concept of people-oriented and safe development, and steadily improved the company's safety production management level and promoted the construction of enterprise safety culture through the continuous development of Ankang cup competition. In 2012, as the year of improving the company's safety management, Baiyun paper strictly implemented the safety objective system, forming a safe production work pattern in which the chemical composition of each person performing his own duties and doing his best can be greatly changed, and his responsibilities can be divided into different forces and managed together; Strengthen the three-level safety education for new employees and key positions, invite external safety experts to train the main body and safety knowledge of the backbone of the company's team leader with modulus ≥ 1800mpa, and actively carry out various forms of technical competitions, speech competitions, fire drills and other activities; Starting from the grass-roots teams, we should consolidate the foundation of safety production management, and fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of "three violations" and habitual illegal operations. Throughout the year, the company carried out 10 special training and education, organized 25 Safety drills, received 305 reasonable suggestions for financial support from the provincial finance department for the selected demonstration projects, and collected 450 letters from home, which truly rooted the safety awareness in the hearts of employees, effectively prevented the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, and effectively created a safe and civilized production environment for all employees with 48 workers for 10000 tons of coal mining in Longmei

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