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Baiyun chemical technology exchange activities entered Suzhou

from November 25 to 26, 2016, the technical service team of Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. entered Suzhou to work with Zhongheng Design Group Co., Ltd. and zhongyifeng Construction Group Co., Ltd. to stop the plane tensile strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding force Three enterprises, including the experimental Department of internal separation strength, external separation strength and other mechanical properties, and southern Xiongshi Construction Group Co., Ltd. conducted technical exchanges of building sealant, including more than 100 people, including building filler 4.0~6.0 architects, curtain wall designers, project managers, on-site technicians, purchasers, production principals and so on

the site of the technical exchange meeting of Zhongheng Design Group Co., Ltd.

affected by the cold wave, the temperature in Suzhou fell sharply, but the site of the exchange meeting was full of people and the atmosphere was warm

at the exchange meeting of zhongyifeng Construction Group Co., Ltd.

at the exchange meeting, Baiyun chemical engineering technical engineer made a professional and detailed description of the selection, design, construction technology, construction quality control and common problems of building sealant. In particular, the construction units of curtain wall doors and windows conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to choose high-quality products in the mixed silicone sealant Market, the problems that need to be paid attention to in curtain wall design and construction, and the long history of using cable fault tester to solve the pollution problems of curtain wall appearance, which were highly praised by the participants

Mr. Jiang Fuping, engineering management center of Southern lion creation Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech

on site of the technical exchange meeting of Southern lion creation Group Co., Ltd.

with strong brand influence, excellent product performance and perfect technical services, Baiyun chemical industry has a good business reputation and a solid market foundation in the door, window and curtain wall industry of Suzhou. As an important part of Baiyun chemical's "whole process service" system, this technical exchange activity was strongly supported by relevant enterprises

for a long time, the development of Suzhou has attracted attention, and a large number of powerful high-tech enterprises have emerged in the door, window and curtain wall industry. Baiyun chemical will continue to uphold a high sense of society, intensively cultivate the Suzhou market, uphold the service concept of "professionalism, concentration and concentration", provide safe, permanent and environmental friendly building sealant for Suzhou doors, windows and curtain walls, and promote the safe and healthy development of Suzhou doors, windows and curtain walls industry with practical actions

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