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What can waterborne coatings do in the development of rail transit in the new era

what can water-based coatings do in the development of rail transit in the new era

August 13, 2020

someone once conducted a survey called "what do you want to bring back to China most?" young people in many countries and regions surveyed chose "China High Speed Rail". The world can see the great achievements China has made in the field of transportation construction. At present, as China's rail transit enters the "golden period" of development, more and more cities are also accelerating the pace of rail transit construction, taking innovation as the "soul" and constantly expanding the development momentum of cities

in the new era of rail transit development represented by high-speed rail and urban rail, whose excellent toughness helps to ensure that the rib parts of the water inlet (outlet) fasteners of the polimotor 2 can maintain a reliable seal without cracking, some related fields have been condensed and developed in key technologies, even leading the world. For example, fully automated driving technology, mobile payment ticket purchase, maglev train, etc. have been organized in Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong and other places to carry out energy-saving services into enterprise activities, which have been applied in urban rail transit. So, in terms of surface treatment technology of rail trains, can painters also do something

taking "environmental protection industrial coating, green intelligent coating" as the new brand positioning of the enterprise, it focuses on the R & D and innovation of powder coating and water-based coating in ecological environmental protection coating, actively promotes green environmental protection coating products and coating technology, and brings rich and colorful environmental protection coatings

▲ environmental protection: compared with oil-based paint, the amount of solid waste produced by water-based paint can be reduced by more than 50%, and the emission of VOCs can be reduced by 80%-90%; In terms of operation technology, dry spraying method can be adopted, which can not produce waste water

▲ quality problems: water paint is widely used in the surface coating of large transportation (light rail, high-speed rail, subway), passenger cars, new energy vehicles, commercial trucks, and has become the first national brand of water-based industrial paint to enter the field of rail transit. Take the standard introduction until it is successfully online, take the solid production, learning and research platform as the driving force, and give full play to the advantages of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment and green construction technology

▲ efficiency and cost problems: the water-based spraying area can be increased by more than 30% compared with the paint, and the water-based paint can improve the overall coating efficiency from the construction process and equipment; At the same time, it can increase the comprehensive cost of coating application

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