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The future market of bakery packaging

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core tip: in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in China, the world's largest wind power market, people have slowly changed the concept of more high-end gorgeous packaging in food packaging. For the bakery industry, the packaging of sweets is to increase customers' awareness of chain cake stores The first step in the popularity of bakery is to understand the future development trend of bakery packaging

[China Packaging News] in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people have slowly changed the concept of more high-end gorgeous packaging in food packaging. For the baking industry, the packaging of desserts is the first step to increase customers' favor for chain cake stores and bakeries. It is important to understand the future development trend of baking packaging

with the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous updating of technology, the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of baking and cake packaging industries, the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the rapid development of enterprises, baking has maintained the rapid growth of economies of scale. Thanks to the strong domestic market demand, China's baking and cake packaging industry shows a good trend of healthy, rapid and sustainable development. However, affected by national policies, the high-end baking market, especially the high-end moon cake market, is no longer prosperous. The high-end over packaging market represented by moon cake is shrinking, while the middle and high-end markets are less affected by policies, and their business growth is very fast. The proportion of middle and high-end products participating in the exhibition is large. The number and area of such enterprises participating in the exhibition are twice that of the previous session, and they are highly motivated to participate. The promotion of people's living standards, coupled with the increasing attention paid to food safety issues, has enabled construction developers, design, construction, supervision, testing and other units and consumers to better understand polyurethane insulation products and their characteristics. As low-end products, enterprises reflect that the sales decline trend is obvious, the enthusiasm to participate in exhibitions is declining, and the low-end market is also shrinking. A new competition pattern for baking packaging is taking shape

with the enhancement of health awareness and the diversification of personal tastes, consumers tend to buy freshly baked bread in bakeries. Small baking packages for small portions and single snacks can meet consumers' special preference for controllable portions and the demand for portable snacks, although small packages have high unit costs to evaluate their low-speed impact performance. It is expected that the form of small share packaging has great development prospects

paper packaging based on paper and cardboard according to the requirements of working conditions has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, more environmental protection, pollution-free, easy recycling, recycling and other advantages. In addition, with the progress of papermaking technology, paper materials have developed from traditional single to diversified varieties and functional specialization. Packaging designers can make proper use of the characteristics of paper to create an amazing baking packaging paper shape. Therefore, bakery packaging has entered the era of paper packaging. Paper packaging also guarantees the safety of baked goods. Baking packaging is an important fashion product, and the colorful baking packaging is a beautiful scenic spot on the Baking Exhibition

in the future, baking packaging will be more closely combined with baking products, with three-dimensional specification development, more creative and trendy colors and patterns. Baking packaging will also fully consider various needs such as product display and carrying, and be more practical, so as to increase the attraction to customers

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