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Baiyun chemical participated in the 117th Canton Fair, bringing together global highlights

from April 15 to 19, 2015, the 117th Canton Fair was grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. As the "China leading exhibition" in the field of foreign trade, Canton Fair ", has always been the main channel for domestic enterprises to trade in exports, attracting more than 200000 buyers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world to attend the exhibition. As a leading enterprise in the sealant industry, Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has participated in the Canton Fair for many years in a row. Naturally, Baiyun chemical will not miss this spring fair. It organized international business development teams and technical support teams to participate in this event.

due to the current global The economy is undergoing in-depth adjustment, and competition among countries is fierce. The downward pressure on China's foreign trade is greater than that of iron parts embedded at the root. Under the foreign trade environment of RMB appreciation, export tax rebate rate reduction, raw material price increase and labor cost increase, Baiyun chemical actively makes its own strategic adjustment to cope with the challenges brought by the complex and volatile international environment

comprehensively improve product performance, "quality" made silicone adhesive national brand

due to the export of some low-cost and low-quality "made in China" products, Chinese products were once not recognized in the international market. China Zhongwang signed a contract with Jaguar Land Rover. Baiyun chemical has always adhered to the construction and promotion of its own brand, the concept of lean and perfect quality, independent innovation and research and development, and constantly improve product performance to meet the needs of customers in different countries. After overseas expansion in recent years, Baiyun brand has gradually emerged in the international market. Especially in some Southeast Asian countries, Baiyun brand has been comparable to international well-known brands. In 2015, Baiyun chemical comprehensively improved the performance of a series of sealant products: the tensile strength of all series of structural sealant exceeded 1.5 times the national standard, and the tensile strength of ultra-high performance structural sealant exceeded 1.5MPa; The displacement capacity of weatherproof sealant has been increased to 100, 50 and 35 levels respectively, with excellent performance, exceeding customer needs and continuously leading the progress of the industry. Baiyun chemical takes excellent quality as the cornerstone, and "quality" makes a national brand of silicone sealant, which has won a good reputation and popularity. It has attracted many well-known architectural designers, developers, contractors and traders with strong strength to come to negotiate and express their willingness to cooperate

committed to providing sealant solutions in the construction and industrial fields

since the birth of leading silicone sealant, Baiyun chemical has been committed to providing sealant solutions in the construction and industrial fields for the industry for 30 years. In the mature construction field, Baiyun chemical has made a new layout of curtain walls, doors and windows, as well as the new pattern of the hollow market, providing the whole industry with safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving silicone sealant solutions. In addition, in the photovoltaic industry chain, rail transit, electronic appliances, led and other industrial fields, Baiyun chemical has developed and customized sealant application solutions for various industry giants, leading the industry's technological innovation. The new and old customers present at the meeting praised the perfect product solutions provided by Baiyun chemical

create a new type of technical service system and provide the whole process of technical service experience

adhering to the marketing concept of "changing demand and exceeding demand", Baiyun chemical adheres to the customer-oriented, quality-based, service-oriented and win-win goal to create a new type of service system. In order to guide customers to use glue safely, Baiyun chemical provides a series of service support such as Q & A, global technical services, sealant construction skills training, and door-to-door technical exchanges, which will affect customer order meetings. These pioneering and industry leading initiatives have brought new feelings and good user experience to customers. Many customers from emerging markets showed great enthusiasm for this, and constantly came to consult the content of our whole process service system and put forward the demand of invitation

the five-day exhibition has ended perfectly. Although the situation of traditional foreign trade market is not optimistic, the number of merchants from emerging markets such as ASEAN and South America has increased sharply, which has become a new direction for the expansion of foreign trade market. Baiyun chemical will continue to forge new advantages, continue to innovate the service system, lead the development of the industry, and realize the new breakthrough and new brilliance of Baiyun chemical from a national brand to a global sealant leader brand

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