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Baimu new material won the title of "Beijing Engineering Laboratory of environmental friendly functional coatings"

May 1 can be described as a warm and extraordinary day. On May 8, 2012, the car actually participated in the second government procurement Zhongguancun new technology and new products signing conference and the second and third batch of Beijing Engineering Research Center and Engineering Laboratory awarding ceremony in Zhongguancun Exhibition Center. Municipal leaders Zhao Fengtong, Gou Zhongwen and others attended the meeting, More than 150 people, including representatives of contracting units and Zhongguancun enterprises, attended the meeting

the meeting reported on the work of government procurement of new technologies and products in Zhongguancun in the first half of 2012, signed contracts with some projects, and awarded licenses to 16 engineering research centers and 30 engineering laboratories approved by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission to be neutral in China's plastic machinery market. Baimu new material company was awarded the title of "Beijing Engineering Laboratory of environmental protection technology functional coating"

Baimu new material company will be committed to building a technology research center for special functional coatings in Beijing and North China. In addition to ensuring its own new technology research and development, industrialization and sustainable development, it will also provide enterprises and colleges and universities with a number of service functions, such as standard establishment, performance testing, commissioned research and development, industrialized application research and so on

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