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Baise cable trough wire guard plate (wire guard plate)

Baise cable trough wire guard plate (wire guard plate)

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Baise cable trough wire protection plate (wire protection plate)

concentration, concentration and professionalism! We only make trunking board series products

Beijing huxianbao Cable Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The company is located in Beijing and specializes in R & D and design of special trunking through eyes and manufacturers

for more than a decade, it has been focusing on the research and development of various trunking boards used to protect cables, and providing all-round solutions for the safety protection of indoor and outdoor cables

the main service customer groups are: power companies, performing arts companies, exhibition units, safety protection equipment manufacturers, etc

with many years of design and manufacturing experience, 27 kinds of ground wire trough series, 16 kinds of cable protection trough series and 11 kinds of peripheral products of all kinds of trunking have been developed. It is widely used for many technical indicators of special trunking in the field environment

reliable product quality is the key to the success of huxianbao, and it is also a consistent tradition that kangponte is proud of. The "absolute quality principle" is the working principle and the fundamental guarantee of the product and service quality of all employees of Baoxian Baote At the same time, this principle also applies to the dealers and employees in the after-sales service institutions of baoxianbao

the unremitting and improving R & D efforts over the past decades are the success secret of Beijing baoxianbao Cable Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which has always been a leader in science and technology. Every year, about 7% of the total sales will be spent on research and development, which has laid a solid foundation for the steady development of huxianbao

cable trough

it has independent internal mixing workshop, open refining workshop, mixing workshop, dust-free workshop, vulcanization workshop and national Family level research and development laboratory. Performance: sturdy and practical. Withstand voltage for a long time; Long service life, less wear, less noise and good shock absorption; The color is eye-catching black and clear, and it has high visibility both in day and night. It can be combined quickly and flexibly according to the actual needs of users, and it is easy to install. Purpose of cable trough deceleration belt: engineering departments, exhibition companies and power companies connect cables for construction, which plays a role in protecting cables. High quality wire trough. As a provider of trunking, traffic safety facilities and traffic safety equipment, "thread protection" will strive to ensure the travel safety of you and pedestrians. Note: if you need more product information of cable trough deceleration belt, please call Beijing huxianbao Cable Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to understand, thank you! We sell our products to customers all over the world, including Guangzhou, Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhenjiang and Huizhou. Qingyuan. Flame retardant and fireproof class III, * * * breakdown voltage 3500 v. It is a cable * * * solution exposed in various fields. Product specifications of line bridge: single slot, two slot, three slot, five slot, etc. Engineering departments, exhibition companies, power companies, construction cables. It can protect cables. Import the most from abroad With the improvement of new technology and production process, and after many tests, the performance and quality of its products have reached the international advanced level. It is widely used in the selection of indispensable power supply supporting safety protection equipment * * * for stages, studios, outdoor performance venues, cultural groups, etc., which brings you wiring. The participants represent more than 160 industry-leading enterprises from all over the world. It has good safety performance, aging resistance, insulation resistance and flame retardancy, and can bear up to 20 tons. Long service life and other advantages! Firm and practical, durable pressure resistance, can withstand the rolling of 20 tons of wheels; Long service life, less wear, less noise and good shock absorption; The color is eye-catching yellow and black, with clear color, which has a high visibility in both day and night. Safe and light. In 2008 Olympic Games Good luck Gate square security check is the one selected. At the same time, our company has also received the quality inspection report from the State Inspection Bureau. Rubber wire bridge is mainly used to protect wires and cables. Avoid being crushed by cars and other heavy objects. Note: if you need more information about traffic roads and security vehicle deceleration products, please call the customer service representative. Thank you! The main raw materials of rubber bridge products are raw rubber, various compounding agents, and fibers as framework materials. The basic production process includes eight basic processes: Plastic refining, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding, vulcanization, testing, and packaging. The processing process of rubber is mainly a process of solving the contradiction between plasticity and elasticity. Through various processing means, the elastic rubber is changed into a plastic rubber compound, which is made into a semi-finished product by adding various compounding agents, and then the semi-finished product with plasticity is changed into a semi-finished product with high elasticity and good physical and mechanical properties by vulcanization. Rubber trunking, also known as "cable trunking, rubber cover wire board, trunking deceleration belt, etc."

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