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Baiyun chemical was invited to participate in the 2016 national epoxy adhesive hot technology and application technology seminar

recently, China New Materials Technology Association, Wuhan new materials society, Wuhan bonding society, bonding magazine, new materials and other units jointly held the 2016 national epoxy adhesive hot technology and application technology seminar. The theme of this meeting is "promoting the breakthrough and application promotion of epoxy adhesive technology", More than 200 mainstream epoxy raw material suppliers, adhesive enterprises, scientific research institutes, such as Dow Chemical, adico, Huntsman, Baling Petrochemical, Cabot, Evonik, Showa Electric Co., Ltd., sika, fuller, Huitian new material, Kangda new material, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Shandong University, Chinese Academy of forestry, Shandong Academy of Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, China Electronics Technology Corporation, etc Application units and senior experts discussed and exchanged in-depth how epoxy adhesive can inhibit design waste, which is a challenge, hot technology and application technology problem to be faced, and promoted the breakthrough of current hot technology of epoxy adhesive and its research and expansion in the application field

Feng Chaobo, senior engineer of Baiyun Chemical Technology Development Department, was invited to participate in the thematic report on the application analysis, research hotspots and development trends of high-performance epoxy sealant, and discussed with experts environmental friendly epoxy adhesive (waterborne epoxy resin), functional epoxy adhesive (high temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature curing, underwater use, light curing, elastic epoxy, nano toughening modification, high temperature resistance modification), epoxy resin The hot technologies of curing agents, accelerators, fillers and so on in the application of adhesives, as well as the application of high-performance epoxy structural adhesives and electronic packaging materials. Due to its high mechanical properties, strong adhesion, low shrinkage, good compatibility, good environmental protection and other advantages, epoxy adhesives are widely used in home appliances, machinery, construction, high-speed rail, automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, new energy, electronic appliances and other fields (Figure 1). With rapid development and bright prospects, epoxy adhesives have become one of the most important adhesives at present. Loading of computer display experimental force

Figure 1. Application field of epoxy sealant

at present, Baiyun chemical has launched a series of products, such as ss602d epoxy stone dry hanging adhesive, ea666 structural bonding epoxy adhesive, ea162 transparent bonding epoxy adhesive, ea164 room temperature fast curing epoxy adhesive, sep595 heat conductive flame retardant epoxy sealing adhesive, and has also increased the application research of hot technologies such as epoxy toughening modification, temperature resistance modification, and functional epoxy sealant, Baiyun chemical has been committed to product development with the concept of professionalism, concentration and concentration, while the general plastic profit level is 1% ⑶% and technology accumulation. It will continue to provide high-quality products, professional solutions and perfect technical support and services for customers at home and abroad. Members of the board of directors of Arkema met with the global glass () department on November 9, 2016

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