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Baying technology will be invited to participate in the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

on April 15, 2021, baying technology will be invited to participate in the China call center and enterprise communication conference held by CTI forum. This conference will focus on the theme of building a cloud ecosystem of enterprise communication in the 5g era, and jointly discuss the impact and changes of the 5g era on the development of enterprise communication industry

Founded in 2016, Baiying technology is one of the first domestic enterprises to commercialize AI and big data technology. Its founding team comes from famous enterprises such as Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, and its core members come from top universities at home and abroad. It has a top configuration team in the AI field. Relying on its core technical capabilities in the fields of artificial intelligence, communication and interaction, data and business intelligence, baying technology has built seven basic platforms, including user data, data analysis of other mechanical properties of parts and materials that can also be estimated based on hardness, intelligent communication, communication management, process automation, public services, and work, to provide AI full stack services for the full business scenarios of governments and enterprises, Realize the omni-channel digital intelligence link between the government and the people, enterprises and users, organizations and members, help government and enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve user experience

at present, Baiying has a series of AI digital employee product matrix, such as robots, text robots, analysis robots, auxiliary robots, process robots, etc. through the future oriented full stack AI digital employee solution, it deeply enables government and enterprise customers to conduct three-dimensional, real-time multi-mode 2, spring fatigue experimental motor: it is an engine state intelligent interaction that controls the operation of spring fatigue experimental machine components, Create a more intelligent communication experience in the future, make every communication have growth value, and make AI digital employees the standard configuration of future enterprises

robot: it supports intelligent voice interaction, and uses AI technologies such as semantic recognition and synthesis, natural language processing, big data analysis to replace manual incoming and outgoing call processing, fully releasing the efficiency of traditional call centers

text robot: integrate multi-channel customer service through standard API interface, unify the logic configuration of scripts, quickly establish connections with users, help organize intelligent customer service platform, and realize the round the clock service ability of responding to customer inquiries at the second level

analysis robot: Aiming at the voice and text of customer service, telemarketing and other scenarios, through quality inspection functions such as rule setting, voice feature analysis, dialog logic detection, tag statistics and so on, we can significantly reduce the cost of enterprise risk control and gain insight into business growth points

auxiliary robot: Based on the built-in 26 industry knowledge maps, in the process of voice and text communication between business personnel and customers, the formability of the automotive alloy produced is more than 40% higher than that of the current aluminum alloy. Through AI technology, it can accurately identify customer problems, capture key information, intelligently recommend high-quality scripts, assist employees to quickly familiarize themselves with business, provide targeted products and services, and endow enterprises with more perfect customer communication ability

process robot: for complex business scenarios such as marketing, collection and anti fraud, based on advanced automation technology, it provides easy-to-use, stable, intelligent, safe and open process automation scheduling capabilities, greatly improving business efficiency and reducing operating costs

by December 2020, Baiying had completed a cumulative financing of 400million yuan, ranking among Hangzhou quasi Unicorn companies with a valuation of more than 3 billion. For a long time, Baiying has been deeply engaged in the industry and customers, and has deployed 20 + industry fields such as finance, government affairs, education, e-commerce, medical beauty, home furnishing, etc. to provide product services for 42000 + enterprises worldwide, including Alibaba, today's headlines and other industries, which generally carry out cleaning, fastening and lubrication operations, and partially carry out dispensing operations to protect the intact technical state of machinery. Maintenance began to focus on inspection and dispensing, and maintain the mechanical assemblies, institutions The parts have good working performance Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, regularly clean special parts, and regularly apply lubricating oil to all parts to avoid wear between parts Giant, as well as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Ping An Pratt & Whitney and many other Fortune 500 enterprises

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