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With the rise of mobile payment business, SMS has become an important channel for electronic payment security verification. The number of fraud cases through SMS channels has gradually increased. Recently, a message "a man was cheated out of his family property by a text message" has aroused heated debate. The criminals have tried their best to deduce this deception with a combination of true and false, interlocking and very confusing

the key to this fraud is that criminals make full use of the vulnerability that users can change their cards through SMS verification. It is undoubtedly a good thing for users that operators replace USIM cards for free. USIM cards will better protect the security of personal information and reduce the risk of being hijacked by pseudo base station signals (note to reduce, not avoid, as detailed later), which is worthy of vigorous promotion. However, in order to facilitate the silicone hydrogel to form a series of structures with different water content and oxygen permeability, its oxygen permeability decreases with the increase of water content. This is because there is a polymer phase with high oxygen permeability in the silicone hydrogel material, and the hydrogel phase with relatively low oxygen permeability. Users upgrade and change their cards. The card change method in the business hall can be handled by using the service password, and there is no higher security level authentication, There are great risks and loopholes

after the occurrence of this case, the relevant operators were denounced by the majority of friends. Here, the author would like to discuss what telecom operators can do in addition to feeling aggrieved in the face of endless means of Telecom fraud? Here are some suggestions of the author

improve the security level of the upper business hall. First of all, the password with weak security strength set by the user is basically identified and prompted to modify. Secondly, set up a secondary verification process for important businesses (such as businesses involving consumption, changes of important personal information, modification of service passwords, etc.), and define the business processing authority of the upper business hall. The most basic and important business processing, such as businesses involving the replacement of the fourth number, transfer of ownership, etc., if the upper business hall cannot complete the verification of the operator's true identity, it should be set to be handled only through the entity business hall. However, the procedures are too cumbersome, but users can complain about the rigidity of operators or the waste of time in the business hall queue when they cooperate with a winery in California. In other words, if the security of funds is increased due to the increase of these field certification steps, the advantages should outweigh the disadvantages. In many cases, it is difficult to have both safety and convenience. In addition, the setting of distinguishing Alipay login password from payment password can be used for reference to increase the security of the account. Card replacement is the most basic and important business of personal mobile communication. In this era of increasing penetration of mobile payment, card loss is not only the risk of loss of phone bill balance

further strengthen the real name system. It is clear from many fraud cases that the real name system is an important part of reducing fraud. At present, the business of telecom operation enterprises has the characteristics of subcontracting at all levels. All links should pay attention to the real name system to reduce the space for swindlers to use telecom business to carry out fraud

standardize the publicity behavior of enterprises. In order to quickly improve the level of 4G network number issuance, reduce the cumbersome procedures of user card replacement and reduce costs, telecom operators have launched various convenient ways to replace cards for free. However, the claim that replacing 4G cards will no longer face the risk of being hijacked by pseudo base stations is exaggerated and misleading. It is understood that the reason why the SIM card of 2G network encounters pseudo base station attack is that it adopts a one-way authentication method, that is, only the authentication of the network side, and the signal network is not identified, so it will be attacked by pseudo base station, because most of them cannot identify whether the signal is sent by pseudo base station. 3g/4g achieves two-way authentication with the network, and the pseudo base station naturally has no way to start. However, two-way authentication is based on the premise that the network,, and card must be 3g/4g system to achieve this purpose. In reality, the 3g/4g network of operators is not fully covered, so when the upgraded 4G is switched to 2G network, 4G still works in 2G mode, and there is still the possibility of being hijacked by pseudo base stations. Therefore, operators should standardize the publicity behavior, and do not exaggerate or mislead

improve service details and user perception. This time, due to a case that a short message was cheated out of family property, many links were overcome due to the leakage of user service password. It can be said that users themselves also have some. In addition, as a service industry, telecom operators should draw lessons from this case and improve the details of services even if they do not have to bear the direct responsibility

after the case, Alipay actively handled it and made some compensation. In fact, the amount of compensation is not large, but the timeliness of processing makes users feel warm. Operators often play the role of scapegoat, but when it comes to the service process, they should also improve details and user perception. It is difficult to establish the corporate image, especially for enterprises such as telecom operators. The number of users is huge, and a slight mistake will be quickly amplified. Now the network communication channels are so developed that a negative news that explodes the circle of friends may destroy the user loyalty that people have accumulated for many years. Through the console, they can control the operation of the experimental machine

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