Apple, the hottest apple, continues to develop OLE

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Apple has followed closely and continued to develop OLED integrated fingerprint recognition

iPhone x face recognition. Restarting the proportional valve to fill the oil cylinder is popular, but fingerprint recognition still has a chance. Foreign media reported that Apple continues to develop the technology of integrating fingerprint identification with OLED panels, and it seems that it has not given up the screen fingerprint identification function

patently apple, a foreign technology station, reported that although iPhone x uses face ID technology for face recognition, Apple has not given up on-screen fingerprint recognition and continues to deploy relevant fingerprint recognition technology

the report quoted a recent patent that showed that Apple developed the technology of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel to detect fingerprint identification. Through the integrated design of near-field optical imaging and photodiodes, it can reduce power consumption and improve touch sensitivity. Another product BASF displayed on the booth is myto chair to enhance the ability of fingerprint identification and detection, It may be used in the new generation of OLED screen iPhone, iPad or iPod touch products in the future

there are different views on whether Apple's new iPhone will adopt the new generation of fingerprint recognition function next year, or whether it will fully adopt face recognition function

gene Munster, an analyst at Loup ventures, a foreign venture capital company, speculated that the new iPhone launched by Apple next autumn may use VCSEL arrays

Appleinsider, a foreign technology station, speculates that if the news is true, it means that the new iPhone next year will have truedepth camera and face ID function

on the other hand, macrumors, a foreign technology station, previously quoted analysts to speculate that it is not ruled out that some new iPhones next year will adopt a new generation of fingerprint recognition technology, but two factors need to be considered

first, continuously observe whether face ID, the face recognition function of iPhone x, can improve the user experience; Second, we need to see whether Apple can cope with the technical issue of screen fingerprint identification because optical production capacity has not grown synchronously with the strong market demand

according to the previous report of Kaiji investment consulting analyst Guo mingpeng, only apple and Samsung (ung) may adopt optical under display fingerprint recognition in a large number of global smart brands to improve market competitiveness

in terms of technology, the report points out that the bottleneck of optical screen fingerprint identification technology lies in the poor scan through efficiency, which is easily affected by environmental light sources and screen colors, but the quality problem can be solved through customized OLED panels

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