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Commodity packaging: stop the "excessive" trend

"excessive packaging" has caused consumer dissatisfaction

at the beginning of the new century, China's packaging industry and commodity packaging improvement have entered the most dynamic development period. By 2004, the output value of packaging industry has increased from 7.2 billion yuan in 1980 to 320 billion yuan; The workforce has grown from 400000 to 3million; Among the 40 major industries in the national economy, the packaging industry rose from the bottom to 14th; There have been qualitative changes in the packaging of various commodities, and the packaging of 22 major categories of commodities has been improved to varying degrees, especially its ability to maintain its physical and mechanical properties when the temperature rises. The packaging of food, beverages, household appliances, cotton and other commodities has been close to the level of developed countries

however, with the development and improvement of commodity packaging, the excessive packaging of commodities has appeared in the development process of market economy: the cost proportion of many commodity packaging has been much higher than the proportion of commodity cost in the total cost, which is very unreasonable. This kind of excessive packaging has led to the rise of retail prices, which has caused strong dissatisfaction among consumers. This excessive packaging will eventually make enterprises eliminated in the fierce market economic competition. Because consumers are the ultimate bearers of packaging costs and the ultimate recipients of packaging benefits. With the enhancement of consumer awareness, people are increasingly concerned about the price difference caused by excessive food packaging

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learning from foreign experience and combining national conditions, the current environmental harmlessness of China's packaging, especially plastic packaging, is to control white pollution, The main countermeasures for developing green packaging should be to strengthen comprehensive treatment and adopt the policy of "prevention and treatment" such as reduction, recycling and reuse. Promoting and developing appropriate packaging of commodities is the specific content of implementing this strategy

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commodity packaging should pay attention to the role of "moderation"

commodity packaging. First, protect and preserve packaged goods; Second, it is easy to use packaged goods; Third, promote the sales of packaged goods; Fourth, publicize the information about the packaged goods of production enterprises; Fifth, increase the added value of commodities

packaging plays an extremely important role in the commodity economy and rich and colorful cultural life. However, whether there is excessive misconduct in the packaging effect should be comprehensively evaluated on the basis of whether the above functions can be fully reflected. Many costs caused by the use of packaging are ultimately paid by consumers. However, in many cases, the form of burden is not a direct way to support the cost of packaging itself, but a part of the commodity price and a part of the tax. Among the packaging costs, some costs similar to the cost of processing packaging waste have not been fully understood by consumers. Therefore, we must fully consider the reduction of packaging, the reduction of packaging waste cost and the reduction of consumer burden

"appropriate packaging" is the embodiment of seeking the proper and appropriate role of packaging. Moreover, after the completion of the performance project, the use, benefit and packaging cost are basically coordinated and balanced. On the contrary, packaging beyond this state is called "over packaging"

combined with the current situation of "excessive packaging" in China, we put forward the development goal of commodity packaging moderation in the future: first, the moderation of commodity packaging customs and practices. Through the re evaluation of the management, customs and consciousness of "beautiful packaging should be used for gifts", the role of packaging has become more practical. The second is the reduction of commodity packaging. Under the basic principle of not damaging the function of commodity packaging, we should strive to make the packaging lighter, adopt simple packaging, reduce the space plot ratio, use the smallest packaging, and give full play to the maximum role of packaging. The third is the environmental adaptation of commodity packaging. Through the measures of recycling and easy treatment of packaging materials, the cost and environmental load of waste treatment generated by packaging to a certain extent will be controlled to a minimum

"appropriate packaging" requires all parties to work together

"appropriate packaging" is proposed based on the harmony of commodity packaging function and cost. Formulating specific standards for "appropriate packaging" is extremely important for production enterprises to use appropriate packaging methods and materials. First, space plot ratio. Referring to the experience of some developed countries, it is appropriate to control it at 20% as its upper limit index. The second is the ratio of packaging fees. Referring to the experience of some developed countries, it is appropriate to control it at 15% as its upper limit index. The above space plot ratio and packaging fee ratio can be used as a reference and application by relevant departments in China when determining the concept of "appropriate packaging" and formulating the standard of "appropriate packaging". Third, formulate the target value of packaging reduction. Commodity production enterprises and circulation enterprises should formulate necessary target values for the use of simple packaging, monomer packaging, simplification of outer packaging and other measures to check and assess. Fourth, formulate specific goals for the adaptation of packaging environment. When choosing packaging materials, enterprises should choose those packaging materials that are easy to handle, renewable, easy to reuse, can be reasonably used, have low processing cost and low environmental load, and formulate necessary specific goals to check and assess

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circulation enterprises should increase the opportunities for consumers to choose commodity packaging. By setting up different degrees and price differences of simple packaging of goods at the stage of commodity sales, and setting up packaging counters, vending machines, home shopping baskets, etc., consumers can increase the choice opportunities of whether and how to package goods

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reform in concept, consciousness and etiquette. The existence and development of the habit of "over packaging" must be guided by the media

strengthen technological development and strive to develop various new packaging materials and technologies. According to the reduction requirements of mechanical environment experiment specified in packaging design, packaging materials and packaging waste 4: standards for mechanical environment experiment methods at home and abroad, strengthen the development of degradable and treatable packaging materials, packaging materials that are easy to be recycled (recycling, thermal energy utilization), and lightweight and reusable high-strength packaging materials

promote international exchanges and cooperation. In recent years, with the international attention to environmental issues, the development of some new packaging materials and the development of waste treatment and recycling technology have made amazing progress. Therefore, it is practical and effective to exchange information with the international community, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and introduce technology

strengthen the macro guidance of the government. In order to promote the packaging moderation activities of production enterprises, packaging enterprises, circulation enterprises, consumers and other relevant parties, it is suggested that the state should strengthen the guidance, coordination and support of the "moderate packaging" activities, and use tax and other economic levers to levy packaging regulation tax on enterprises that exceed the "moderate packaging" standard; Authorize relevant national and local packaging agencies to exercise law enforcement power. This is the key to the success or failure of developing "appropriate packaging"

(source: China Economic Herald Author: Li Peisheng)

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