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Commodity packaging in place

commodity packaging and decoration, in addition to protecting products and facilitating storage and transportation, also has advertising color and promotional value. Good packaging can make it easy for customers to identify products, understand the content, quality and usage of products, and can be used as an economical and effective silent advertisement to beautify and publicize products, so as to arouse customers' desire to buy and improve the competitiveness of products. It can be seen that packaging is an indispensable part of the commodity itself. However, the packaging of many goods sold in the market is not standardized and in place

first, loss of position. Up to now, there are still a few industrial products and most agricultural and sideline products that can't be packaged at all. They are packed in plastic bags, straw bags or simple wooden frames. There is no product name, place of origin, grain size of raw experimental alloy, obvious increase in production date, and no trademark, use method and other signs, giving people a sense of "stupid, big, black and thick", and seeing flowers in fog. How can such products be competitive? The loss of packaging has become the fatal factor in the "difficulty in selling" of these products. Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain with world-class quality was initially packaged with straw liners, leaving many "foreign consumers" with the impression that it was easy to damage, unhygienic, not easy to carry and not suitable for gifts, so it was snubbed in the international market. This lesson is very profound

second, offside. Contrary to the loss of packaging, the packaging of some goods is flashy. The performance indicators that the high-speed friction and wear test machine should reach are as follows:, large and inappropriate, giving people a flashy and false consumption feeling. Food, drinks, drugs, cosmetics, especially when buying meat and aquatic products, the phenomenon of "being more expensive than pearls" is the most common. After removing the "grand" packaging of the inner and outer layers of more than 100 yuan moon cakes, there are only four low-quality moon cakes left. The flashy outer metal materials form a sharp contrast between the packaging and the mediocre internal quality in the process of tensile testing. After drinking wine, leave an empty wine bottle like a sculpture; After drinking the syrup, leave a delicate stainless steel cup... People don't understand whether the manufacturer sells the package or the product itself to consumers. It should be noted that these magnificent excessive packaging will not be given free by the manufacturer, which will inevitably be included in the sales cost and increase the unnecessary burden on consumers. In addition, it is also common for some manufacturers to ignore small packaging. Customers are forced to buy a bag of needles when they want to buy a needle, which makes consumers pay more and consume more, and encourages waste. This kind of phenomenon is very common

the third is absence. Although the packaging materials and design of some goods are very particular, the packaging instructions are not complete. There are manufacturers, but there is no site; Yes, but no area code; There is a factory site, but there is no one. As for the production date, shelf life, shelf life, etc., they are either incomplete, vague, or difficult to find and recognize. The composition of raw materials, methods of use and precautions cannot be found at all. It is particularly worth mentioning that some drugs use vague terms such as "children's discretion" in dosage, which always makes parents confused, which has become a hot spot in economic life at present. The absence of packaging may be caused by the negligence of the manufacturer, but it may also hide an ulterior purpose. Some illegal manufacturers often hide fake and shoddy products by using packages with incomplete labels to sell them

fourth, dislocation. In order to reflect the distinctive characteristics of commodities and win the attention of consumers, some manufacturers often adopt the method of grandstanding to transform the packaging indiscriminately. In terms of commodity naming, they are keen to use foreign names instead of their original names, such as "Kerry rack" is biscuits, "Weihua" is sandwich biscuits, "Tizi" is a kind of grapes, etc. it is tempting to buy and eat them under its inducement, which can't help but be deceived. As for commonly used drugs, it is even more common to choose a fancy, obscure and confusing commodity name that makes people feel like falling clouds. Mg and ml are widely used as measurement units in the dosage labeling of some drugs, which makes many patients spend a lot of time converting them into "tablets" and "spoons". In short, this kind of misplaced packaging will only increase consumers' misunderstanding of goods, which is not only difficult to promote sales, but also counterproductive, making people doubt whether the manufacturer's business philosophy is healthy

whether the commodity packaging is standardized and in place has become a major problem that manufacturers must seriously consider, study and design. Manufacturers should adhere to the principle of tailor-made when packaging their goods, avoid putting the cart before the horse, grandstanding and ambiguity, find the best match between the packaging value and the commodity value, improve the packaging quality while improving the product quality, and make the goods for sale look and feel the same, beautiful and intelligent. On this basis, in order to meet the needs of the buyer's market and further improve the competitiveness of products, manufacturers must also focus on improving the scientific, technological and cultural content of packaging, so that packaging reflects the flavor of the times, improves cultural taste, and keeps up with the trend of economic and social development

Author: Wang Xiaolin source: China Enterprise News

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