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Commodity packaging design and consumer psychology (III)

Second, the psychological strategy of commodity packaging design

consumers are the ultimate market of marketing. The multidimensional and differential nature of people's consumption psychology determines that commodity packaging must have multidimensional emotional demands in order to attract specific consumer groups to produce expected purchase behavior. Therefore, in the design of commodity packaging, we must carry out personalized design for different consumer groups

(I) psychological function of commodity packaging

generally speaking, the psychological function of commodity packaging includes:

the function of identifying instructions, the function of arousing interest, the function of transmitting information, the function of promoting trust, the function of facilitating value-added, etc

(II) psychological requirements of commodity packaging design

1. Meet the realistic psychology

the design of packaging must be able to meet the core needs of consumers, that is, it must have real value. Although for goods of the same quality, those with exquisite packaging hope to be of help to us than those with ordinary packaging, which can arouse consumers' desire to buy. However, if we overemphasize the role of packaging, so that the packaging exceeds the quality of goods, it is absolutely detrimental to the long-term sales of goods. For example, among cultural groups of all ages, the elderly are the most simple and realistic, but now the diverse health supplements for the elderly are generally over packaged with "form is greater than content". Even if these products can attract occasional gift purchases, it is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers. Under the condition of extremely high point contact pressure, it is sincere to evaluate the bearing capacity of lubricants and lacks the motivation for long-term development

2. Satisfy the psychology of seeking credit

highlight the factory name and trademark on the products, which helps to reduce the buyer's suspicion of product quality. Especially for enterprises with a certain popularity, doing so will kill two birds with one stone for the publicity of products and enterprises. The packaging of Budweiser's Silver Ice Beer has a quality mark composed of penguin and brand logo. Only when the cold storage temperature of the beer is the most appropriate, the lively little penguin will be displayed to assure consumers that it is genuine and has the best flavor, so as to meet their confidence seeking psychology

3. Meet the psychology of seeking beauty

the packaging design of goods is the crystallization of decorative art. Exquisite packaging can arouse consumers' high-level social needs. Packaging with deep artistic charm is a kind of beautiful enjoyment for buyers, and it is the driving force to promote potential consumers to become visible consumers and permanent and habitual consumers. Most of them are world-famous wines, and their packaging is very exquisite. From bottle to box, it is full of artistic brilliance - this is an elegant and successful packaging promotion

(III) psychological strategies of commodity packaging

1. Design according to consumption habits

people usually have certain consumption habits when they consume. Therefore, when designing commodity packaging, we should pay attention to the consumption habits of consumers and design packaging that conforms to the consumption habits of most people according to the characteristics of the commodity itself

for example, many customers want convenience in shopping. If transparent or windowed packaging is used, we can easily choose what we need to do:; The gift basket with combined packaging can be used conveniently; Soft packaged drinks can be easily carried and so on. The convenience of packaging adds to the attractiveness of goods. Foreign popular "barrier free" packaging, such as contact judgment identification package, which uses serrated signs to distinguish the types of detergents; The automatic identification mark of "the concave shape in the middle of the cover proves that the shelf life has not expired" is set in canned food, which is widely loved by consumers

as mentioned above, most consumers are realistic and trustworthy. In the packaging design, we should pay attention to the consumption habits of consumers and eliminate consumers' doubts about goods in the packaging

2. Designed according to the age of the consumer,

goods usually have a certain age sales range. Similarly, it is generally impossible for commodity packaging to cater to the tastes of consumers of all ages. Therefore, when designing commodity packaging, it should be designed reasonably according to the different ages of consumers

for example, the elderly mentioned above pay attention to simplicity and realism. Then, the packaging design of goods sold for the elderly should not be blindly exquisite and complicated, but should prefer simple, generous and concise design. The packaging design of goods sold for young people is different. Young people usually like to be different, like to be new, different and strange, and try their best to find opportunities to express themselves. The product packaging with such consumers as the target market can try to use taboo colors, strive to break through the tradition in modeling, and hype "the choice of the new generation" in the logo, so as to guide the trend and create fashion. As for goods sold to children, we should pay attention to meeting their interest seeking psychology. For example, a company in the United States printed all kinds of interesting riddles on the lid of the biscuit can. Only after eating biscuits can we find the riddle at the bottom of the can. As a result, a large number of small customers were fascinated. And children's curiosity can often drive them to buy again

3. Design according to the cultural level and economic income of the consumption object

differences in cultural level and economic income usually lead to different appreciation and requirements of consumers for commodity packaging. Take economic income as an example. For consumers with relatively high economic income, in addition to higher requirements for commodity quality, they usually have higher requirements for commodity packaging. For commodities targeted at such consumers, the packaging design should pay attention to taste and grade, and strive to package beautifully and gracefully, so as to highlight the aesthetic and taste of consumers. For consumers with relatively low economic income, commodity packaging is usually in a subordinate position. Generally, such consumers pay more attention to commodity quality, and there are not too many requirements for commodity packaging, as can be seen from the definition. For the commodities targeted at such consumers, the packaging should not be overemphasized, but should be concise and practical

consumer psychology can also be subdivided according to ecological psychology and gender psychology. The multilevel nature of consumer psychological market segmentation determines that packaging promotion should also be carried out from multiple perspectives. With the improvement of material and cultural living standards, people's consumption concept is constantly developing, and the packaging of goods must also be constantly improved to seek balance, harmony and unity in inheriting tradition and creativity

in short, sales packaging is the integration of protective function and artistic beauty, and an innovative combination of practicality and novelty. Successful packaging promotion is the resonance of the producer's mentality, the creator's mentality and the buyer's demand psychology. Only by grasping consumers' psychology, catering to consumers' preferences, meeting consumers' needs, stimulating and guiding consumers' emotions, can commodity sales packaging stand out in the fierce business war and be sure to win

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