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Communication CTBS joins hands with Lisheng to realize information management

communication technology once again staged a last-minute finale. In the competition with competitors, it won the order of Lisheng enterprise with the stability and wide application of products

Since its establishment in 1992, Lisheng enterprise has focused on the development, production, promotion and application of ultrafiltration membrane technology. It is a high-tech enterprise group integrating water treatment science and technology research, ultrafiltration equipment manufacturing, sales and service. The new plant in Haikou, covering an area of 44 mu, is the world's largest ultrafiltration membrane production base, making Lisheng one of the few large ultrafiltration membrane suppliers in the world who can independently develop high-performance ultrafiltration membranes and achieve industrialized production. In order to solve the problem of secondary pollution of tap water widely existing in urban households, Lisheng has applied ultrafiltration technology to the field of household water purifiers since 1998, established Shenzhen Lisheng water purification technology Co., Ltd. as the marketing headquarters of the domestic market, and successively established branches when ink is exposed to ultraviolet light or "solidified" (usually used in 3-D printing to harden the process as a liquid deposition material) in 17 provincial capitals across the country, In order to provide customers with perfect services in distribution, marketing guidance, investment attraction, shopping guidance and consultation, as well as after-sales installation and maintenance at any time. Nowadays, in major cities across the country, the sales network of Lisheng household water guard has spread all over Dalian, forming a super joint lock retail store of "offline first" and "online first". It is almost the only water purifier supplier for chain giants such as Wal Mart, Sam's club, B & Q, Wanjia, Suning, Yongle, etc "Lisheng ultrafiltration machine, home water Guardian" has been well-known across the country, and has been adopted by urban families all over the country. It has become the preferred water purification equipment to improve family water quality and create a high-quality life. At the beginning of 2007, the 88 Mu new plant of Lisheng in Suzhou was completed, becoming the world's largest ultrafiltration product research and development center and the manufacturing base of membrane products and equipment. The products have been more and more widely used in industrial water treatment, municipal tap water treatment, rural water improvement, household drinking water treatment and many other aspects

it is the new stage of the development of modern factory informatization that there are many branches of Lisheng enterprise, which also has high requirements for the speed of updating business reports, inventory, maintenance and other data. It is particularly important to manage and maintain these data by means of informatization. It is urgent to release the company's application system to all branches to realize the synchronization of data

the project team investigated VPN, dedicated lines and other remote products, and finally finalized the remote access, which is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective access solution. In the test, CTBS products of communication technology won the qualification of test machine fixture with stable product quality and powerful integration and release function, and won with the absolute advantage of successfully serving large enterprises and institutions such as China Mobile, Guangzhou finance, Huawei, Motorola, Changjiang maritime bureau, etc. Through the CTBS platform, the ERP, OA and other application systems of Lisheng enterprise can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The business, purchase, sales and inventory, customer service records, finance and other data can be updated and summarized in real time, which makes management easier and work efficiency greatly improved

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