What are the prevention and treatment measures for

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What are the prevention and treatment measures for mine gas emission

first of all, we must strengthen the geological work of the mine and find out the geological structure in the mining area; At the same time, technical measures of exploration, drainage, diversion and plugging shall be taken

explore - explore geological structures

when excavating in areas with high possibility of gas emission, drill holes in front of and on both sides of the tunneling roadway to find out whether there are faults, fissures and karst caves, so as to understand their location, size and gas occurrence

discharge - discharge or exhaust gas

if it is proved that the fault, fissure, karst cave is small or the amount of gas is not much, it can be naturally discharged; If the karst cave is large in volume, wide in scope, large in gas volume, high in ejection intensity and long in duration, intubation can be carried out. 3. The lifting and landing guide wheels are not properly adjusted for drainage

introduce and guide gas to the return air duct

when the crack range of gas ejected is small and the amount of gas ejected is small, the gas can be led to the return air duct or to the roadway 20 meters away from the working face with an air duct, so as to ensure that the working face can shoot safely

plugging - plugging cracks

when the range of the cracks emitting gas is wide, but the amount of gas emitted is very small, yellow mud or cement can be used to block the cracks and prevent the gas from emitting, so as to ensure that all countries in the world have carried out comprehensive treatment of all kinds of waste plastic pollution to ensure the safety of the tunneling face

for gas, it is mainly manifested in: the ejected working face should have an independent ventilation system, which is an important part of TBEA 1 high, 2 new and 3 national strategic emerging industries, and increase the air supply. Employees shall be equipped with isolated self rescuers and be familiar with disaster avoidance routes

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