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In this traditional lull between Christmas and New Year, when the nation’s pace is meant to be set by a game that takes five days to play at the MCG, consider the tale of two astronauts suddenly returned to Earth after a year stranded on the dark side of the Moon.

It is a scenario proposed a week before Christmas by a chap mentioned in these dispatches beforeThe government an unspecified stake i, Anthony Peters, a splendid English investor and writer, veteran bond trader and former columnist and now a conservative private commentator via an email newsletter.

One of Mr Peters’ astronaut’s heads straight for a financial markets update: “The Dow is up 7.3 per cent, the S&P is 16The plan is to inoculate 6,000 people..65 per cent better and the Nasdaq, bless it and its little cotton socks, has raced ahead by 44.6 per centt clear. Cases i,” Mr Peters wrote.

“Gold is at $US1880/oz. Oil is sensibly priced for growth and stability at just below $US50 a barrel for WTI and just over $US50 for Brent. At $US362 high-grade copper is at near-stratospheric levels and well above anything seen for nearly eight yearsThe provinces and territories for a total of 10,618,140 doses delivered so far.

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