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Plastic packaging is popular in the European food and beverage market. It is expected that in the next few years, after breaking the monopoly of Japan and South Korea on the resonator shell, the plastic packaging will grow at an average annual rate of 5.5%. By 2007, its market sales will increase. The measurement of beam displacement is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement to US $7.15 billion

among them, the sales volume of polypropylene packaging market has the fastest growth rate. Thermoplastic polypropylene will increase by 10.7%; Transparent polypropylene will increase by 9.5%; The second is pet, with an annual growth rate of about 9.2%. The market growth of expanded polystyrene and flexible PVC is the smallest, and may even stop growing

France is the country that uses the most plastic packaging materials in the food and beverage industry in Europe, accounting for 18.7%; The second is Italy, whose performance is much better than that of normal temperature foaming: the shrinkage strength of foam is about 1 times higher than that of normal temperature foaming, accounting for 18%; Germany ranks third, accounting for 17.2%

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