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"Quality of life depends on the kitchen", I believe you must often hear this sentence. Kitchen decoration is indeed a big head in the decoration of the whole family. Whether from the future use or from the decoration budget, the kitchen is really important

“ The quality of life depends on the kitchen ”, I believe you must hear this sentence often. Kitchen decoration is indeed a big head in the decoration of the whole family. Whether from the future use or from the decoration budget, the kitchen is really important. It's time to decorate. Are you at a loss about how to decorate the kitchen? Grasp the following five key steps, and it is not difficult to realize the dream of a perfect kitchen

the first step is to understand the market formulation style and budget. Before preparing for decoration, we must first understand the market situation. Today's market is rich in products and many choices. Don't buy products without knowing anything. You can make a general style and budget according to your own situation, so as to control the decoration in the future

second, consult the designer. Although most families now choose to entrust the kitchen design to the kitchen cabinet designer, in fact, the designer has a stronger grasp of the whole room, such as the transformation of kitchen layout, the setting of basic functions, and the choice of tile color. The designer has a say. But it is likely to be separated from other parts of the home. In addition, the layout of concealed works is also drawn by the designer, and the layout can also reflect the requirements of the kitchen

step 3: buy Tiles, some kitchen appliances and sinks. Generally speaking, when woodworking, it is time to start purchasing tiles and some kitchen appliances. After the ceramic tiles are purchased, you can ask the clay tile master to lay them. Before contacting the kitchen cabinet company, it is necessary to buy things such as stove, range hood, disinfection cabinet and sink, because the cabinet designer should design the kitchen cabinet according to the size of these things

step 4: contact the cabinet dealer. According to the cost performance, it is a key step for kitchen decoration to select cabinet merchants. Cabinet is the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen. Before contacting with the kitchen designer, you must do enough homework, including:

1. It is very important to measure the size of your kitchen in person. With a basic size map, you have a premise when communicating with the designer or shopping guide of the kitchen company. Through the size map of the kitchen, you can understand the professional quality of a company's personnel service and the basic price configuration of the kitchen cabinet

2. What is the total budget price of your cabinet? The kitchen cabinet budget includes several parts: (1) the cost of the cabinet; (2) The cost of the table; (3) The cost of kitchen appliances; (4) Cost of hardware options

3. These things need to be provided to designers. (1) The condition of the house (location, house type, floor plan); (2) The condition of the kitchen (the direction and direction of the pipeline, and the condition of the natural gas pipeline); (3) The situation of family members (number, age, personality, hobbies, whether there are special needs, the height of the main cooking staff at home, whether they are left-handed, cooking habits, etc.); (4) Kitchen appliances and eating habits at home. How many meals do you cook at home every day? Do you like eating together? Some details are best explained to the designer; (5) The style you are satisfied with (it's better to have pictures to help you visualize it. Please take this as a reference for designers to improve. This is the most concise method)

Step 5: buy refrigerators, small household appliances and hardware pendant. When the cabinet is installed, it is almost the last step: buying refrigerators, small household appliances and hardware pendant. Before buying a refrigerator, you should measure the size. If you want to hang a small household appliance such as a microwave oven on the wall, you should buy a shelf in advance. Small hardware pendants should also be configured according to the actual situation. These can be installed by the master of the decoration team





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