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On the contrary, today's brand doors are characterized by health and environmental protection, durability, beauty and fashion, and diverse functions. Due to industrial production, package wooden doors are much higher than manual doors in terms of quality, paint effect, and environmental protection

"making doors" vs. buying doors

many people think that woodworking doors are very cheap,

in fact, that's just what you think

have you made a careful comparison

do you know what is really cheap

have not been compared in an all-round way,

how dare you conclude that woodworking is cheap

today, Yipin Xiaobian will calculate the cost for you,

let you thoroughly understand the truth

considering the loss, the number of sandwich panels and decorative panels required for a door is about 3 square meters, of which the price of sandwich panels is about 150 yuan per square meter, and the price of decorative panels is about 100 yuan/square meter. In this way, the price of plates alone, a door is about 750 yuan. Plus 150 yuan for locks and 100 yuan for hardware (including folding and door stopper), the price of a door is 1000 yuan, not counting paint and labor costs. The manual cost of carpentry to hit a door is about more than 200 yuan, plus the manual cost of painting and oilman, the price required to hit a door is almost 1500 yuan

what is important is that for plates with more than 100 yuan/sheet,

can environmental protection be guaranteed

don't you understand the truth that you get what you pay for

how long can this door last

is there any after-sales guarantee

is there any warranty in case of quality problems such as sinking, deformation and cracking of the door? Is anyone responsible for you

can you not always only see the purchase cost

can't you think long-term

don't you know that low daily use cost is the real low price

are you buying a door like buying clothes and throwing it away in a few years

the door will be used for decades. Only when the details are well done can the quality be excellent.

in this way, the cost allocated to daily use will be lower

moreover, for buying doors,

in addition to price, we should also consider environmental protection

many people, regardless of environmental protection, say that as long as the door can be used,

it's too irresponsible to say so

you don't care about yourself,

don't you even care about your children

isn't it worth spending more money for children's health

do you know how many children have leukemia and nasopharyngeal carcinoma caused by excessive formaldehyde in home decoration

carpentry edge banding often overflows a lot of glue,

and the glue used has a high formaldehyde content,

the door virtually becomes a toxic gas release station

breathing excessive formaldehyde in the room 24 hours and 8 hours a day,

can your family be healthy

on the contrary, today's brand doors,

are characterized by their health, environmental protection, durability, beauty, fashion and diverse functions.

due to industrial production, package wooden doors are much higher than manual doors in terms of quality, paint effect and environmental protection

brand doors have relatively large-scale production machinery and equipment, which are relatively mature in wood dryness, fingering, flatness and paint assembly line

in terms of service, the service cycle of brand doors is short and the installation speed is fast.

the greater advantage of brand doors is that they not only have advanced machine manufacturing technology,

but also complete and professional after-sales service.

once there is a problem, consumers can directly find the door manufacturer to deal with it,

the interests of consumers can be further guaranteed

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