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The 25th China (Beijing) International wallpaper, fabric and home soft decoration exhibition 2018 has come to a perfect end. Taking this opportunity of the exhibition, in order to thank the friends who have always supported decoration art, decoration art officially launched its new brand "new color wall decoration"

the 25th China (Beijing) International wallpaper fabric home soft decoration exhibition 2018 has come to a perfect end. Xinyan wall decoration has made a lot of efforts for this exhibition! On March 16, 2018, taking the opportunity of the exhibition, in order to thank the friends who have always supported decoration art, decoration art officially launched its new brand "new color wall decoration". Xinyan's new product launch was solemnly kicked off with the congratulations of hehuilin, Deputy Secretary General of the China wallpaper Association. Everything is the best arrangement. I hope Xinyan's wall decoration will expand its path and lead the future

new product catwalk, Xinyan wall decoration is gorgeous

after hehuilin, Deputy Secretary General of China wallpaper Association, delivered a congratulatory message, the new product catwalk models of Xinyan brand slowly entered the arena. This new product has Chinese, simple, Mediterranean, British and other styles, which are used to show the beauty of wall decoration with innovative design and full details. Chinese style takes the connotation of traditional culture as the design element, and creates traditional charm from the aesthetic perspective of modern people; Simple style advocates abandoning cumbersome decoration and shaping a comfortable home with personalization and simplification; Mediterranean style is full of freedom, romance and aestheticism; The British style reveals a sense of happiness in its composure, which is combined with the retro flavor to highlight the atmosphere of space

the gorgeous design style and concept won the applause of the whole audience. I believe that Xinyan wall decoration is so popular when it appears as a new brand, and the road ahead will also win more praise

a career, men can grow up and women can do well.

Ms. Yu Liping, CEO of elegant wallpaper and new face wall decoration, delivered a speech on the stage. Her gentle voice and confident attitude infected the audience every minute. She told us that Xinyan is ready to meet the tastes and needs of consumers, break the tradition, use a new counter and the Internet model, and combine online and offline, determined to build a deep and vertical platform for wall decoration materials

the name of "new face" comes from changing the old face. It refers to that old ideas and things are broken and become new. It mostly refers to the degree of change is large and good. Why is it wall decoration rather than wallpaper? Because wall decoration includes wallpaper, wall cloth, murals and other decorative materials. Xinyan's logo is a circle formed by two tender green ears of wheat, which means to serve the family with heart and make the family happy

Ms. Yu Liping said on the court, "a career can be big for men and good for women" to promote the spirit of women in the new era to fight for their families and careers for the rest of their lives. As the founder of decoration art, she set an example of self-improvement and self-reliance women in the new era with her gradually successful enterprises and new brands, which moved the male entrepreneurs present

alliance of different industries, cross-border cooperation

new brand new face wall decoration is the first in China to make a wall counter model. Only one wall is needed, and the counter can be opened in different scenes, such as furniture stores, stores, floor stores, etc. Moreover, Xinyan carried out in-depth development based on wechat official account to create a wechat online store platform

Ms. Yu Liping said that as a product of consumption upgrading, wall decoration materials have a good market prospect in the market that is about to expand by more than 100 billion. Years ago, an investment company took a stake in the enterprise. At present, it is negotiating the main agent of a well-known foreign brand in China! In addition to congratulating Xinyan on its better future, Mr. Wu Zhiyong, the founding partner of rich capital, also revealed at the meeting that in addition to technology, the Internet and other cultural and entertainment industries are our investment priorities, consumption upgrading is also an important investment field, and we pay close attention to home products such as wall decoration

this era is changing, consumption patterns are changing, and people are changing. Only by following the pace of the times and constantly innovating can we go further

with win-win results, enterprises and customers are integrated.

decoration elegant wallpaper started from scratch, has reached a total of more than 3000 dealers, and today's new product release of Xinyan wall decoration has never left the support of customers. At this new product launch, an award ceremony and a raffle were also held

2017 outstanding dealer Award List: Zhou Jun, chairman of Langfang Datang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Wang Yanping, general manager of Beijing tmall Maike flagship store, Beijing dealer jinbaoqing, Hebei Tangshan Li Chaozhi, Tianjin dealer pangxinghai, Tianjin dealer Wang Qiang, Hebei Baoding dealer Tang Chao, Tianjin dealer Zhang Guoliang, Beijing dealer Zhang Renzhong, Tianjin dealer Huang Caijuan (in no particular order)

always believe that, Beautiful things are about to happen. Xinya will integrate with customers and win-win results. Xinyan wallpaper also won the 2018 innovative brand of wallpaper industry at the 2018 excellent brand award ceremony of wallpaper industry. Congratulations

finally, we also invited Korean designer Piao roommaster and Milan Academy of fine arts master designer Jia Zhuo to bring us wonderful sharing. Finally, Ms. Liu wanqin, the best-selling beauty writer and founder of ladyboss, made the final sharing summary

the new product launch came to an end. We all firmly believe that Ms. Yu Liping's confident and gentle female image can lead the decoration of elegant wallpaper and Xinyan wall decoration to a better future. We wish Xinyan to move forward and lead the future




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