Door and window enterprises are about to fall to d

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Model innovation is no less than the innovation of product quality. If the model innovation is operated properly, it can greatly create the miracle of door and window enterprises and win a broader development "engine"

the backward model of standing still will eventually be eliminated by the model that does not adapt to the market. In today's era, which focuses on Internet + and brand building, three models are about to be eliminated. If door and window enterprises continue to use them, they will contain many crises

1. The self-employed business is still in the era of business, without its own marketing team

2. It is still at the distribution level, and it is still looking for products, changing products, and struggling, rather than operating talents and culture. Only by constantly learning and cultivating talents can door and window hardware enterprises maintain their youth, otherwise they can not keep up with the pace of market development and face many difficulties and pressures

3. It is difficult to attract customers if stores that do not pay attention to store management and do not repack for three years show their old appearance and image. Therefore, enterprise operation and dealer sales management should be grounded




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