The temptation of Kuba integrated stove to go home

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What is the taste of home? I believe that wandering children will miss the taste of starting a family very much whenever they eat. "The taste of home is the hot dishes and hot meals brought out by parents from the kitchen. It is filled with an attractive smell. A burst of rich aroma goes into your nostrils, and even the smell of lampblack is with happiness." I have no doubt about this sentence. The steaming white rice, fragrant ribs and fresh green vegetables all make you take a deep breath, unable to extricate yourself from the aroma, and can better wake up your memories of your parents, kitchen and taste when you were a teenager. To some extent, tasting food is to taste life, and understanding the kitchen is to understand life. Let the Kuba integrated stove take you into the healthy kitchen, feel the new experience brought by modern kitchen appliances, and taste the wonderful life together

Kuba integrated stoves adopt microcomputer intelligent control system, which combines gas stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets and other four in one, making their operation more simple and convenient. In addition, the Kuba integrated stove also has its own safety protection functions, such as automatic shut-off of gas source after flameout, automatic cut-off of power supply after leakage, child lock protection, etc., which can play a safety protection role in the process of use and effectively improve the safety guarantee coefficient

Kuba integrated stove not only pays attention to safety and energy conservation in use, but also pays attention to convenience and quickness in cleaning. Everyone knows that after using the integrated cooker for a period of time, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned. In the past, cleaning integrated stoves seemed simple, but it was difficult. The so-called difficulty was not cleaning, but technical problems. In the past, when cleaning the integrated stove, it was necessary to remove the stove from the cabinet, and then clean the parts inside. This method is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to damage the floor and cabinet

now, Kuba integrated stove adopts planar fluid smoke guide plate, three-dimensional oil smoke separation technology, easy to disassemble air duct structure and smoke collection chamber design. Only by opening the stove panel, the wind wheel, volute, air duct, etc. can be thoroughly cleaned. Moreover, the Kuba integrated stove adopts the maintenance hole front-end technology, which makes the maintenance and cleaning super convenient and more intimate, without moving the body and protecting the cabinet. Therefore, it takes only about 30 minutes to clean the whole integrated stove from outside to inside and from inside to outside. In addition, the integrated stretching structure of Kuba integrated stove fundamentally eliminates the oil leakage at the connection between the fan and the air duct, and truly creates a green, environment-friendly, smoke-free and healthy kitchen

the Kuba integrated stove brings you into the kitchen for a new experience. It takes you to relive the flavor of the kitchen as a child, enjoy the pleasure of cooking in the kitchen, feel the warmth of the kitchen, taste delicious food carefully, and slowly taste happiness. Kuba integrated stove, your temptation to go home

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