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The most critical step in the waterproof construction of home decoration is the treatment of base course and later protection. If the basic level is not handled well, it is like building a castle in the air. How to do it is also empty talk. In the later stage, without protection, brushing is equivalent to pasting a mesh with eyes, which cannot play a waterproof role

◆ how to deal with the grass-roots level

carefully clean the base surface to remove floating dust, remove cement caking and loose base course, and then carry out special treatment for pipe roots, drainage holes, internal and external corners, holes left by water and electricity on the wall and other parts. After treatment, carefully sweep the dust left on the base surface with a brush. Then, paint the pipe root, internal and external corners and other key areas with rigid waterproof materials (such as plugging treasure, caulking agent, etc.) to completely remove the residual dust. Finally, take an appropriate amount of waterproof paint to dilute it to milk shape, dip the diluted material with a roller down and up, and paint the waterproof surface first on the wall and then on the ground, so as to completely remove dust

requirements for base course treatment: it should be flat, solid, clean, free of floating ash and oil, and the details should be treated completely without omission

scraping waterproof layer: follow the principle of "detail first and then large surface"

“ Details are pipe roots, water leakage holes and other places, “ The large side is the wall and the ground

internal and external corners should be made into a circular arc. Before large-area waterproof construction, seal materials should be embedded in the reserved grooves according to the design requirements. At the joints of gutters, eaves gutters, internal and external corners, pipe roots and so on, paint twice with a brush

the waterproof coating is fully applied without omission and firmly bonded with the base course. There is no bubble, crack, delamination, flat surface, the brushing height of the rolled up part is basically uniform, and the thickness must meet the specified requirements of the product. The construction of waterproof coating shall be carried out step by step according to the time schedule specified in the instructions, and other subsequent works shall be carried out after the construction link is completely completed

the waterproof layer shall be 1.5mm thick as specified in the national acceptance specification. The floors and walls of all rooms in toilets, kitchens, balconies, basements, and first floor residents should be made waterproof. The groove of water pipe in the wall should also be waterproof. When pipes, floor drains, etc. pass through the floor slab, the waterproof layer around the hole must be carefully constructed. For the buried water pipe in the wall, the groove larger than the pipe diameter shall be chiseled, and the plastering in the groove shall be smooth, and the waterproof coating shall be brushed. Tip: if the original drainage and sewage pipes and floor drains are changed during decoration, waterproof measures must be strengthened around

◆ put on a protective layer after the waterproof layer is done.

after the waterproof layer is done, continue to construct and paste tiles on it, which is often easy to cause the damage of the waterproof layer. If the damage is not repaired or not found, it will inevitably cause leakage in the future, so it is necessary to put on a protective layer. Usually, cement is added with interfacial agent and then rigid waterproof material, which is stirred and painted evenly. The strength of this mixture after setting is higher than that of ordinary concrete materials. At the same time, because rigid waterproof material is added, it can be regarded as a waterproof barrier, which is intended to kill two birds with one stone. Such waterproof can be foolproof

after the waterproof is completed, the closed water test should also be done, which can verify whether the waterproof function of the waterproof layer is normal. For the closed water test, the door and water outlet shall be sealed. The depth of the highest aquifer shall not be less than 20mm, and the storage time shall not be less than 24 hours. Check whether there is any leakage point

finally, open the downstairs toilet and bathroom to observe whether there are signs of water seepage or drops of water, or touch the suspected water seepage with your hand to confirm whether there is water leakage, so as to determine whether the waterproof is done well





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