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The continuous heavy rain has made many owners suffer from water seepage and even rain leakage. Why does this happen? How do you fix it? How can these problems be avoided when decorating? Please see the experts tell you all kinds of “ The solution of flood

I. window

when the owner changes the window or seals the balcony, due to improper operation, it will cause rainwater to penetrate indoors through the window or the connection between the window frame and the outer wall. Generally, it can be divided into the following situations:

the dripping eaves are damaged: according to Lin qiangsong of Vica Plastic Co., Ltd., there are dripping eaves at the window openings. When transforming the balcony, some owners move the windows outward and press them on the dripping eaves, and the rain will enter the cracks between the window frame and the wall, and water will seep in from the upper part of the window

>& gt; Solution: add dripping eaves at the entrance (through connectors or plastic drums and other forms) to make the water drain out smoothly

the seal is not tight: some windows have water leaking inward from the lower or middle part, which belongs to the failure to apply glue, or the glue is not applied into an inclined plane, resulting in water seepage indoors

>& gt; Solution: Lin qiangsong pointed out that it is best to wait until the rainy season is over, and then apply glue again after the water vapor in the window frame is drained. Because water vapor will not only affect the sizing effect, but also affect the service life of the glue. He stressed that during installation, some walls have depressions, and workers would suggest that the depressions be treated by plastering cement. Although it can achieve a certain waterproof effect, it has little effect. He suggested that the hollow should be filled with glue before making a cement slope

drainage holes are blocked: drainage holes are set at the bottom of plastic steel windows, but they will be blocked if they are not careful during installation. In case of heavy rain, the water stored in the window frame will seep inward from the installation expansion bolt

>& gt; Solution: check whether the windows are connected by means of expansion bolts. If so, temporarily add glue to the windows to seal them, and then apply glue again after the rainy season. If it is fixed under the glass, the glass must be lifted up after the rainy season, and the water stored in the window frame must be removed before re sizing

tips: Lin qiangsong suggests that when installing windows, use connecting pieces at the bottom, which will not damage the inner window frame and will not cause water seepage

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