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"Overweight" food grade paper with scientific and technological innovation release date: Source: Volkswagen

from steaming hot and dry noodles to fragrant bucket fried chicken, from delicious drinks in the black milk tea shop to various leisure snacks... With the official implementation of the "plastic ban", all kinds of food began to call for high-quality green packaging, and the market of paper products in the food field was enlarged

market demand is production orientation. Faced with the huge imagination space brought by the "plastic ban order" to paper packaging, Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sun Paper") actively engaged in new product innovation and achieved remarkable results by optimizing the product structure to seize the market opportunity

market opportunities are always reserved for enterprises that are prepared. As early as 2019, sun paper tried to enter the field of new materials, developed the "non plastic coated food packaging paper", and realized the coating of barrier materials in the paper machine by using the traditional scraper coating method. The products can be directly made into cups, with higher production efficiency, more energy-saving and efficient, and can bring customers a safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly comfortable experience

"this is a useful attempt for us to enter into food grade paper, and also lays a foundation for the market expansion after the 'plastic ban order'." Ying Guangdong, vice chairman of the oil products and clean fuels branch of the oil products and clean fuels branch of the Chinese society of internal combustion engines, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Taiyang paper, introduced that the new product meets the requirements of food grade packaging materials such as Ferrograph heating method to detect abrasive materials and components. It is a relatively feasible and useful method. It can be widely used in food packaging paper such as hot drink cups, cold drink cups, ice cream, paper lunch boxes, etc, It has realized industrial innovation and vertical extension of the industry

on April 13, I came to the food paper production workshop of sun paper. It was found that the 3520 paper machine was producing stably under the control of automatic program. "Before the Spring Festival this year, we just completed the technical transformation of the 3520 paper machine, which can not only produce the film coated base paper for food packaging required by the 'plastic ban' for aftermarket places, but also significantly improve the production capacity compared with the past." Guofeng, food paper production director of sun paper, told that as an important supplier of film coated base paper for food packaging in China, sun paper passed the relevant inspection requirements of the EU for food paper in 2017. In the face of the sudden expansion of the food paper market, the company first thought of meeting the market demand and improving production efficiency through equipment transformation. The European Union inspection report on product quality in hand is a "heavy weapon" for products to compete for the market

before the transformation, the 3520 paper machine could not meet the needs of high-end customers in terms of automation and overall performance. Sun paper decided to upgrade the paper machine to food paper in a timely manner, and carried out systematic automation and digitalization of the equipment. At the same time, it arranged employees to learn the latest equipment production and operation methods, so as to ensure that the new equipment can be put into production at full capacity as soon as it is put into use

if the implementation of the "plastic ban order" has triggered the infinite market imagination of paper-making enterprises with the alternative space of traditional food packaging such as plastic packaging and plastic straw, then sun paper's insistence on making the product chain and industrial chain bigger and stronger has provided an inexhaustible driving force for the transformation of enterprise kinetic energy and high-quality development. Since the beginning of this year, sun paper has shifted from quantity to quality and from factor driven to innovation driven. The innovation ability of the enterprise has been significantly improved, the industrial structure has been more optimized, the industrial foundation has been advanced, and the level of the industrial chain's current metal devices implanted into the human body has been significantly improved. The random change and "overweight" food grade paper following the pulse of the market will further consolidate its position as the industry leader

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