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Food packaging and drug packaging will be unified within 3 years in the short term and 5 years in the long term. Food packaging and drug packaging must be unified, and the soft packaging factory must complete the transformation accordingly

after the reform of government institutions, the former food and drug administration was merged to form the food and drug administration. However, in the current flexible packaging industry, the original standards for food packaging and drug packaging are still applied, ranging from three years to five years. The maintenance and correct use methods of concrete pressure testing machine introduced to you above the food package must be unified with the drug packaging, The soft packaging factory has to complete the transformation accordingly. Judging from the current situation, the soft packaging factories are not aware of this problem, and we still feel that there is no room for transformation. However, after the introduction of the new standard, the equipment, production process and plant of the soft packaging factory need to be changed, and a number of enterprises without economic strength will die

at present, the investment threshold of the soft packaging industry is very low. It can be entered with more than 100000 yuan. The development of the industry is blind. Therefore, we look forward to the emergence of an organization that can guide the development of the industry and give early warning on the development of the industry. We hope that Huayin media can take up this task, timely predict the development direction of the industry and guide the development of the soft packaging industry. Otherwise, repeated investment, waste and low-level construction will not help the development of the soft packaging industry. The soft packaging industry will not be able to improve its level if it is not only fundamentally transformed from the plastic granulator process

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