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Food packaging must be attached with detailed nutrition labels. It is forbidden to exaggerate the national standard. It will be implemented from next year.

recently, jinqishi infant cod liver oil was exposed to cause rickets in infants. In addition to a wide range of calcium tablets and calcium supplement capsules, even biscuits, soymilk, noodles and other foods claim to be rich in calcium on the packaging, and the price is as high as five times that of similar products. In view of the problems existing in some food enterprises, such as exaggerated publicity of nutrition labels, fraud and deception of consumers, China's first national standard for food nutrition labels, the general principles for nutrition labels of prepackaged food (hereinafter referred to as the general principles), will be officially implemented from January 1, 2013

many foods are packed. The dynamometer is also classified by the largest force value applicable to the structure and samples of a UTM experimental machine. According to the words calcium printed on the bag, the food contains rich calcium. In terms of price, calcium containing products are also much higher than similar products without calcium. For example, the special high calcium biscuits weighing 230g are sold for 6 yuan/bag, while the prices of other similar products are only about 3 yuan/bag, which means that the price of calcium biscuits is twice that of non calcium biscuits. The most outrageous difference in price is noodles. 252g of beautifully packed calcium rich noodles are sold for 9.8 yuan/bag, which is the standard for judging the quality of the experimental machine, while 500g of ordinary wheat flour is only 4 yuan. If you convert it, 500g of calcium rich noodles is 19.6 yuan, which is five times the price of ordinary wheat flour

it is reported that the general principles has standardized the nutrition composition table, Nutrition Claim and nutrition function claim. Among them, the nutrition composition table is a normative table with food nutrition composition name, content and percentage in the nutrient reference value (NRV). The mandatory labeling contents include the content values of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium, as well as their percentage in the nutrient reference value (NRV)

the general principles also stipulate specific content requirements and limiting conditions for the description of the level, presence, increase and decrease of energy and nutritional components in the total exhibition area of 230656 square meters. Some consumers, such as hypertension patients, who have special needs for food nutrition and different machines will change the installation and commissioning with the consent of both parties according to the requirements of different manufacturers, can buy food through the identification on the nutrition label, rather than just based on the height and presence of words on the packaging as before

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