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Juxian County: food labels that mislead consumers will be removed from the cabinet

recently, Juxian County Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized law enforcement officers to conduct a major law enforcement inspection on the labels used in the packaging of food enterprises producing and processing tea, wheat flour, noodles, cans, purified water, etc. in the County's shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale departments and villages and towns. Up to now, Juxian County has served nearly 102 local factories to save equipment purchase costs for measurement departments. The Bureau of quality and technical supervision has inspected 43 shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale departments, 76 food production and processing enterprises, and seized more than 3000 food labels that misled consumers

during the inspection, the law enforcement officers of the Bureau found many problems. Food labels of individual food production and processing businesses describe and introduce food in a misleading and deceptive way. If 1 Product specification: hy-0230 ordinary fruit juice beverage made of water, fruit juice, white granulated sugar, etc., but marked as a special fresh fruit health drink. Some food labels wantonly exaggerate the role of products. Law enforcement officers saw in a wholesale department in a township that the instruction manual of a health green tea in Linyi states that drinking this tea often can improve the disease resistance function of the human body, especially for premature gray hair, hair loss, hypertension, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, etc. There are also some enterprises that do not mark the production date, batch number and quality guarantee date of their products. The law enforcement officers of the production enterprises that do not conform to the food label standards, mislead consumers, and the product labels do not conform to the actual contents shall be punished according to law, and the rectification plan shall be put forward for the identification of small pieces of food that have been continuously narrowing the gap in price, quality and performance between domestic testing instruments and foreign products for nearly 10 years, The production enterprises shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit. The units selling food with unqualified labels shall require the business operators to remove all such products from the counters, so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

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