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China's food machinery industry should change its economic development mode

in recent years, China's food processing machinery has developed rapidly with the increasing demand for food processing volume, and the overall quality and safety guarantee of the machinery have been improved. The main 252 steel-concrete composite structure of these two transmission modes has some disadvantages: the former needs to be lubricated regularly. Under the surging tide of world economic integration, The competition mechanism of China's food machinery industry has been strengthened and purified, and the market demand has been newly tapped, which has brought new opportunities to China's food machinery industry in the transition period

there are more than 450000 domestic food processing machinery enterprises, but the mechanization application is not universal, but most of them are relatively backward equipment or technology, which seriously hinders the development of food processing machinery enterprises. At present, most of China's food processing machinery enterprises aim at the foreign market, but Japan, Germany and Italy occupy a strong position in the food processing machinery industry. Their technical level has an overwhelming advantage over China's food processing machinery market, and the competition in the foreign market is also quite fierce. Only a few Chinese food processing enterprises can occupy a certain position in the international market

now, the food machinery industry is facing the era of science and technology. Facing this era, Chinese enterprises should change the mode of economic development, take the road of technical guidance, and meet the vast and complex international forms with an innovative attitude

in the transition period, the food machinery of Chinese enterprises is still distributed in the market pattern of small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is still the disadvantage of low-cost competition as a whole, resulting in the reduction of product added value and brand added value of the food machinery industry. There is no opportunity to reflect the core competitiveness and social value in the international market, let alone a strong driving force to create demand for customers. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability

now, environmental friendly, energy-saving and efficient food machinery has become the main force of the industry. Enterprises should open communication channels, speed up the implementation of cooperation strategies, change the internal environment and operating conditions, carry out independent innovation by introducing, imitating and attracting funds, complete the transformation to the world through global procurement, and establish a global technical support system and sales network, In this way, under the cluster effect of industrial scale and the competition principle of technological innovation, the industry will build a more perfect and self-conscious innovation environment and further improve the development realm

for a long time, sustainable development has not been a fashionable slogan. Nowadays, the rational use of resources is being regarded as a competitive advantage by more and more enterprises. At the same time, equipment and technology suppliers are also committed to providing solutions for this. In recent years, all beverage technology fields in the food processing machinery industry claim to have made significant progress in resource consumption: reducing water consumption in beverage production, using processing heat energy and water recycling to ensure positive energy balance; The use of energy-efficient components significantly optimizes the energy consumption of mechanical equipment and reduces the energy consumption of bottling equipment by up to 30%

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it can be seen that scientific and technological innovation can find a way out. Only by increasing technological investment, changing development ideas and constructing industrial innovation pattern, can we achieve efficient and sustainable development in a virtuous cycle, organically integrate science and technology, environmental protection and humanities, create a safe and healthy food market for mankind and bring never slacker youth vitality to the development of the industry

according to the Research Report on market analysis and investment prospects of China's food processing machinery in the year of "2 its expression is: quality wear = original size of sample - size after wear" released by Shangpu consulting, due to individual differences, consumers' habits and preferences for beverages and food vary from person to person. The diversity of consumption preferences is extremely wide, and the life of a product is very short. Especially in the packaging sector, sufficient flexibility must be maintained to meet the diversified needs of the market for packaging size. In order to adapt to the production of new products, the relevant technologies and equipment in the food processing machinery industry must have the ability of rapid switching

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