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Unauthenticated food packaging will be sealed up

from the "toxic milk powder" in 2004 to this year's Sudan red and other events, food safety issues have attracted people's attention. However, in recent years, the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center has conducted random inspection on food packaging and found that plastic, as a commonly used food packaging material, has a very low product qualification rate. It has become an inevitable requirement for the development of the food packaging industry to include the food containers in environmental protection products into the compulsory food safety certification. A few days ago, a meeting on China's safety and environmental protection product certification for food packaging containers was held in Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau. The meeting passed the resolution that Beijing will implement the certification of China's safety preset reciprocating number of environmental protection products for the first time in the food packaging industry, raising the supervision of environmental protection products from the combination of non-governmental organizations and government functional departments to the government's mandatory supervision

Qihuaizhi, director of the national environmental protection product quality supervision and testing center, said that the purpose of this soft and comfortable certification is to achieve the goal of cracking down on counterfeits and supporting excellence. At present, China's food safety supervision regulations have been established, but the food packaging materials have not reached the corresponding standards. It is urgent to implement the food container safety certification. The compulsory certification clauses will be based on the original standard certification, and some clauses will be added and optimized as the focus of 2005. It is planned to be introduced in the second half of the year. It will be carried out through voluntary participation of enterprises before the introduction. Qihuaizhi also said that both government departments and production enterprises should be responsible for consumers. In the next stage, if they pass the rectification, the food packaging container manufacturers that have not passed the certification will be completely sealed up

all the enterprise representatives present expressed their support for the implementation of standard certification. Xiewenxiong, chairman of Beijing Tonghao plastic products Co., Ltd., said that the certification of food packaging containers can play a role in eliminating the market, and some unqualified enterprises will be eliminated, which is conducive to the development of excellent enterprises. Relying on traditional supervision methods, food packaging containers can not effectively ensure product quality. Obtaining national standard certification is the only way for enterprise development. No matter from the aspects of corporate image or management standards, enterprises have higher requirements. He also said that certification is a kind of knowledge. Enterprises must have a correct understanding of food safety certification ideologically, and do a good job in the production and sales of products conscientiously and reliably. At the same time, he also pointed out that certification is an effective way for the government to supervise the quality of goods. Passing the safety and environmental protection certification for products is just like the increasing legal public demand. People all have identity cards. Only with this "card" can we ensure the unimpeded and legal flow of products in the market. The certification code obtained by certified enterprises will not only protect the normal circulation of products, but also improve the identification ability of consumers. It provides convenient and fast identification basis for the law enforcement of industry and Commerce and quality inspection departments. It is the best way to distinguish product quality. As the most powerful enterprise representative in the industry, chairman Xie called on the majority of peers to strengthen the management of enterprises in all aspects, improve product quality, strictly demand their own enterprises with international standards, take positive actions, apply for China safety and environmental protection product certification, fundamentally eliminate unqualified products and protect the interests of qualified enterprises

cleaning up production links

according to dongjinshi, Secretary General of Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization, there are about 20 billion disposable lunch boxes on the market at present, of which toxic and harmful ones account for about 50%%-60%%, foam lunch boxes account for 20%%, while qualified tableware only accounts for 20%-30%%. High quality products occupy a relatively small market share due to their relatively high prices. It is understood that at present, most of the plastic bags used by many businesses in the market to package food are actually made of waste plastic. This kind of plastic bag often contains toxicity, which will damage the reproductive function and brain of the human body. However, this kind of "poison bag" can only be used as garbage bag. If it contains food, especially cooked food, the harmful substances in it will precipitate more and faster after heating, which will do greater harm to the human body

Dong Jinshi also introduced that ① the price of raw materials fluctuated violently, and the main reason for the "poison bag" was that the production process of plastic containers was too chaotic. At present, most of China's food enterprises purchase packaging products, and the enterprises producing packaging products are often general-purpose production enterprises. The packaging products produced can be used not only for food, but also for other industries such as chemical industry. Therefore, the sanitary conditions of the production environment are very poor. He analyzed that the most fundamental reason for the large-scale disqualification of plastic bags and plastic tableware was that the market access system was not strict, enabling some illegal enterprises to enter the market smoothly. The implementation of compulsory certification will effectively improve this drawback

it is understood that the products involved in the compulsory certification include plastic products, paper products, composite packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, etc. produced by food packaging container manufacturers in China, with emphasis on plastic packaging, paper packaging and composite packaging in the food and beverage industry. As long as the product quality of these enterprises is stable, the management system is sound, the production process is reasonable and advanced, and the production can be carried out in strict accordance with the quality requirements of safety and environmental protection products, they can obtain the safety and environmental protection product certification

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