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The fastest time to develop a new multi-functional liquid detector in Japan is one second

according to Asahi, a new liquid rapid detector developed under the chairmanship of Hideo isaki, a professor at Osaka University in Japan, has recently ended its trial period on the international line of Narita Airport in Tokyo. The development unit is communicating with private enterprises to strive to be listed and sold in the spring of 2015

it is reported that the liquid detector uses the light absorption of the liquid to judge by comparing the test results with the database data. During the test, place the plastic bottle or canned liquid (such as 360 anti-virus, housekeeper, etc.) between the two test columns. If the built-in liquid is a safe liquid, the green light will be on, and the screen will display the word "pass". If the built-in liquid is an illegal liquid, the red light will be on, and the screen will show whether the bend of the sample is broken, indicating the corresponding state of the article. For opaque metal bottles, etc. (2) the second process is to stick protective film containers, so you can stick the bottles on the special position of the sensor for detection

this new type of liquid detector has the characteristics of small volume, portable belt, fast detection, etc. The results can be obtained within one second for detecting ordinary liquids, and only five seconds for detecting special liquids. In order to cooperate with the anti-terrorism work, the new detector not only effectively detects combustible liquids, but also adds the function of detecting explosives, realizing multi-functional detection

in addition, the detection rate and other performance of the detector meet the requirements of the European Civil Aviation Conference and meet the world standard. In Narita 1, regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. During the one month trial period at the airport, this new multi-functional liquid detector performed well and successfully overcome the shortcomings of the detection device, such as large volume, time-consuming detection, limited detection range and so on. "The detector is not only suitable for airport security inspection, but also for a variety of event sites, museums and other occasions," said Professor Hideo Ishizaki

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