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France introduces new micro packaging technology

the innovation of French euracli in the field of micro packaging is La SOM, although it has just established the Meli è re (Beverage Manager) label in September. La sommeli è re label is pasted on the wine bottle, and the temperature of the wine in the bottle is indicated by a drop of heat sensitive "ink" with variable color. The formula of "ink" varies with different products. Green means the best temperature to taste, blue means the temperature is too high, and brown means the temperature is too low

according to the different end uses, the micro package series developed by euracli company can be a perfume, an effective ingredient for beauty, an antibacterial agent, a composite effective ingredient or just a pigment. Using euracli's Micro packaging technology, liquid or solid can be packaged in capsules to isolate the substance from the outside world, thus playing a protective role. Micro, every enterprise will have a clear evaluation of its composite ability. The size of the packaging capsule can range from 0.5 to 2000 microns. The product encapsulated in the capsule can be released through the rupture of the capsule or gradually through the membrane of the capsule

in the field of printing, micro encapsulated capsules can release fragrance, so as to realize odor communication. Mailing advertisements, direct advertisements, product catalogs or inserts, packages and labels in magazines can all have a certain flavor continuously according to the imagination of the designer; In the textile field, micro encapsulated capsules can be used to encapsulate perfume for silk fabrics, underwear, packaging ribbons, self-adhesive, bedding, so that these products have a refreshing aromatic smell. By using microcapsules to encapsulate the effective ingredients, vitamins, pigments and essential oils of drugs, products that release relevant substances during use can be manufactured, and can also be used in creams, creams, shampoos, milk liquids, soaps, toothpaste and other products of beauty products

using liquid crystal and thermal chromium micro encapsulated capsules, we can produce products that become preferential with temperature changes and change colors for users to expand experimental functions. In the field of printing, this technology can be applied to manufacturing marks, thermometers and thermal labels; In the textile field, 2. But customers and friends have small samples that can also be tested, which can be applied to shirts and swimsuits; In the field of beauty, liquid crystal can be used to make vitamin packaging carrier. Euracli's micro encapsulated capsules have many uses, and the company is cooperating with the industry to continuously develop new products

source: China Food News

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