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As an old brand enterprise rooted in diesel water pump units and, Shanghai Ruiying Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been implementing the new development concept in recent years, adhering to taking technology research and development as the core driving force to promote the development of enterprises, and making high standards and high quality become the golden card of products. The market recognition of enterprises has been continuously enhanced, and the competitiveness of the industry has been continuously improved. At the same time, Ruiying machinery also implemented the core of the enterprise, realized the full implementation of the concept of openness, efficiency, team and professionalism, and embarked on a new brand driven development path

use the new brand Ruiying machinery to break into the market, and rely on the quality plastic brand Ruiying machinery to run out of the intelligent manufacturing acceleration.

Shanghai Ruiying Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruiying machinery), which is unique in the diesel pump unit industry, is brewing an explosion on a new channel. According to the disclosed company's annual report, the company's revenue performance rose steadily in 2017, and the year-on-year increase made the industry applaud. In the part of increasing income, the business attracted attention. In just one year, through the explosive growth of Ruiying machinery in the field of diesel generator sets, the company's gearshift acceleration in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing market has initially emerged

for a long time, the prospect of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing market has been covered by the halo of the environmental governance sector. But in fact, as a necessary element in the green economy, environmental protection equipment manufacturing has become an important part of the national energy conservation and emission reduction target system. The guiding opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology requires the formation of several industrial clusters with strong driving effect and distinctive characteristics. According to this estimate, the output value of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will at least exceed 1 trillion yuan. At this point, a very imaginative space for the first time

as early as 2007, Ruiying machinery actively carried out research and development, team building and engineering project manufacturing in the diesel pump unit industry, and invested heavily before and after, in order to become the first pilot of this trillion level blue ocean

at that time, there were few large-scale enterprises and well-known brands in the local environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, the complaint rate of consumers about the quality of traditional environmental protection equipment has always been high. In the view of the person in charge of Ruiying machinery related enterprises, low-quality and non brand environmental protection equipment can no longer meet the market demand. Due to the limited shelf life, we have to independently develop high-quality and well-known diesel pump units and generator units. Since the beginning of the enterprise, Ruiying machinery has put forward the development goal of high-quality development, adhered to a high starting point and high standards, and soon occupied a place in the diesel generator set industry

in the eyes of the outside world, Ruiying machinery has always been an absolute benchmark enterprise in the local diesel pump set industry, and its market share has increased year by year. In recent years, facing the narrowing of pump equipment market space and the rising price of raw materials, the company has gradually expanded its core business direction, which seems to be a structural passive adjustment, but in fact it is a homeopathy of Ruiying machinery after years of deep cultivation in the field of environmental protection equipment manufacturing

diesel engine water pump set

silent generator set

over the years, Ruiying machinery has always been committed to the research and development, production and sales of high-quality diesel engine water pump sets and generator sets, looking for inspiration from the demand side for new product research and development. Using huge research data, Ruiying machinery timely understands the changes in market demand. Within the enterprise, Ruiying machinery has gradually improved its customer service system and achieved customized and personalized fine services, which has aroused the great enthusiasm of investors to analyze, test and analyze the performance of products under different working conditions, and further used for product research and development, upgrading and transformation

for example, highly differentiated customized silent water pump units, mobile water pump units and silent generator units are widely used in hospitals, communities, ports, banks and other fields. Provide a silent, safe and stable power supply system, and customize the silent sound generator set with multiple advantages such as protection function, self starting function, remote monitoring function, self switching function, noise reduction function, etc. Another example is that the mobile water pump unit series is not only equipped with a solid traction head, but also can easily connect the traction vehicle to any place. So far, for the purpose of random demand, the product has been applied to mining, highway emergency and other fields

behind the rapid development of Ruiying intelligent manufacturing, technical advantages are becoming an unbreakable barrier for the company in the field of diesel generator sets. As an inexhaustible driving force for enterprises to maintain rapid development, innovation is particularly important in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, where product renewal and iteration are very rapid. Ruiying machinery has always insisted on innovation from the perspective of users. Ruiying machinery is engaged in research and development to establish a harmonious and efficient working mechanism design, core material development, core equipment manufacturing, system integration and power station operation and maintenance. It has been firmly established in the field of diesel pump units and generator units with high demand for systematic and multi professional cooperation

the picture shows the plateau emergency generator set of Ruiying machinery

in addition to working hard in independent research and development, Ruiying machinery is also unambiguous in product quality monitoring. To be a boutique is to devote ingenuity. Ruiying machinery has long insisted on taking product quality as the lifeline of enterprise development, insisting on providing diversified services on the demand side and achieving vertical control. That is, from raw materials to finished products, we need to go through multiple processes such as design, research and development, manufacturing and testing, and each process has undergone strict quality control and layer by layer inspection

behind the blooming R & D projects, Ruiying machinery is following the national strategy and focusing on the huge market opportunity of power generation and drainage equipment sector with the attitude of local smart manufacturing business card. It plans to excavate industrial dividends in the "going out" strategy together with environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and further support the implementation of top-level design independent shipbuilding strategy. The above-mentioned person in charge further pointed out that product quality and systematic services will be the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing categories including diesel generator sets, that is, the displacement of the rod assembly moves in a linear relationship with the load. In the next three years, Ruiying machinery will carry out a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of its original business, and strive to achieve a new breakthrough in product quality and brand operation

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