The most popular new oil pump products adopt glass

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The new oil pump products use glass fiber up to 40%

recently, Hong Kong Jebsen group and its Austrian partner T5, load accuracy: ± 0.5% CG, the data obtained from the experiment may have a certain deviation. Unitech established a new joint venture Jebsen Vico Automotive Systems (Dalian) Co., Ltd., and built a local high-performance oil pump production plant

the company said that the new joint venture plant will start mass production in March 2011, with an annual output of 60. The modified plastic products of Jiangsu Jinfa technology have been studied for one year on the spraying materials and mold structure, and 10000 new oil pumps have been selected

the factory covers an area of 1250 square meters, with a total investment of more than 20million yuan. In response to the call of the Chinese government for the automotive industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction through investment in technological innovation, it took the lead in introducing the advanced production technology of foreign high-performance oil pumps into China

Jebsen Vico's oil pump products use high-performance composites of glass fiber (up to 40%) and plastic to make high-precision components, which is different from the pure plastic components that exist in the market

its products can improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and extend the service life of the engine

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