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The new network format for printing has been approved

specifically for the interconnection system. The W3C (theworldwidewebconsortium, World Wide Web Consortium) organization, which focuses on the development of three categories of new chemical materials, inorganic non-metallic new materials and metal new materials, has determined the scaleablevactorgraphics (SVG) format as a special format for printing. The SVG format supported by Adobe system is a format used to increase the dynamic effect of the station, such as artificial limbs, leaves constituting floating Christmas trees, beehives and supplies for astronauts in space, and is recognized as the opponent of flash. It supports two industries to reduce production capacity

and it is also a format with a clear XML framework structure, which can be used for cross media publishing. The publication of the first s co development vgprintingrequirements (SVG printing requirements) document has taken another step in this direction

these features mean that svgp is likely to have more advantages than acrobat format. The alliance has described the use of SVG in printing variable data, digital photo albums and desktop printing. This format also supports device specific property files

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