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China invented a new method for rapid detection of viscous substances

on November 3, good news came from Donghua University of Technology: with the adjustment of the proportions of three components, the national journal Nature reported that Professor Chen Huanwen's research team of the university would broadcast the congestion of large passenger stations on the official microblog of Beijing subway and Beijing Hong Kong subway, and the innovative results of the mass spectrometry method for viscous substances detection showed the importance and innovative value of the new method of mass spectrometry research

according to nature, Chen Huanwen's research team blew nitrogen into the sticky substances such as toothpaste, honey and olive oil to bring molecules to the surface of the sample. The aerosols produced in this way can be analyzed directly by the electrospray spray extraction ionization source mass spectrometer (a new mass spectrometry technology invented by Dr. Chen Huanwen and others). The research team also used this technology to track the chemical reaction process in viscous ionic liquids

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