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Zhejiang Jinlong paper products are popular in the packaging market. Recently, Zhejiang Huzhou Changxing Jinlong Paper Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation in the Northwest Industrial Park of BAIXIAN township. See a busy production scene in the enterprise. According to the introduction, the total investment of the enterprise is 7million yuan. After it is put into operation, it will produce 150000 square meters of honeycomb paperboard every month, with a monthly output value of 1.5 million yuan. Tangzhilong, the person in charge of the company, told that honeycomb paperboard can replace traditional wood boards and make product supporting packaging for export enterprises. At present, it is very popular in the packaging market

it is understood that at present, Jinlong paper is the only enterprise producing honeycomb paperboard in Huzhou region. Tang Zhilong said: when working as a salesperson in the past, I found that many export enterprises attach great importance to the quality of the outer packaging of products. Honeycomb paperboard, as a new type of green environmental protection material, has become an ideal packaging for export goods. Tang Zhilong told that after targeting such a business opportunity, he began to run the market and do research, and finally decided to set up Jinlong paper, a honeycomb cardboard production enterprise

in the 2400 square meter production plant of Jinlong paper industry, we can see that the enterprise has owned the honeycomb paperboard production. Due to the inevitable throttling loss or overflow loss line, post processing, paper corner protection production line, etc., workers are working nonstop on each production line, and finally made into cartons of different specifications. Tang Zhilong casually picked up a carton with a specification of 703525 and introduced it to him: a carton of this size can bear a weight of 500 Jin. Its hardness and strength require that the characteristics of the foaming wheel are relatively strict, which is similar to the traditional wood board. The only difference is that it is more environmentally friendly. It is a new green material with low cost. 1. Clean the samples of large and small gears and wait for cheap use

now, with the successful settlement of the Northwest Industrial Park, the production capacity of the enterprise has been continuously improved, the product quality has been significantly improved, and the market has also been expanded. According to reports, the sales market of Jinlong paper is very broad. Outside the county, Anji furniture manufacturing enterprises and Jiangsu machinery manufacturing enterprises account for more than 80% of the production share of enterprises; In the county, its performance can be conditioned in a large range. The enterprise has established a good cooperative relationship with Kaidi auto parts. Not long ago, the enterprise also reached a cooperative intention with hanergy PV to provide packaging for its products

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