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Selection of packaging materials for sustainable development (Part 1)

in addition to protecting and beautifying commodities and making them easy to transport and carry, packaging can also play a role in recommending, demonstrating, publicizing commodities and promoting sales. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for commodity packaging are becoming higher and higher, which not only requires that commodity packaging be beautiful, economical and practical, but also needs to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, the packaging industry is rising rapidly. A Research Report of the World Packaging Organization shows that the world packaging market is huge, with an annual output value of about US $500billion, ranking among the top 10 industries in the world. Although China's packaging industry is still in the early stage of development, the total output value of the national packaging industry in 1998 has also reached 180billion, and has increased year by year at a rate higher than the average industrial growth. With the rapid growth of the packaging industry, packaging materials have a wide range of development space. Many materials such as paper, plastic, metal and glass are widely used in all kinds of packaging. However, while packaging brings convenience and benefits to people, it also causes serious harm to the environment where human beings live. On the one hand, packaging consumes a lot of resources and energy, on the other hand, the increasing number of packaging waste has become the fourth largest pollution source after water pollution, marine lake pollution and air pollution. Based on the strategic consideration of sustainable development, it is of great significance to vigorously develop green packaging materials and widely adopt green packaging

concept of sustainable development

what is "sustainable development"? The report "our common future", adopted at the 42nd United Nations Conference on environment and Development held in 1987, states that sustainable development is "a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs". Its basic meaning is to ensure the long-term and sustainable development of human society

with the continuous growth of production and consumption in human society, while using advanced science and technology to obtain more material civilization from nature; It is also facing new threats to survival caused by the destruction of nature. The contradiction between material civilization and the pollution and destruction of the earth's limited resources, energy and environment is becoming increasingly acute. Because of this, the concept of sustainable development has been more and more accepted by governments and people all over the world, and has penetrated into all fields of natural science and social science from a single ecological field, and has gradually become a development model widely accepted and pursued by all mankind. People have realized that human society should be in harmony with nature and take the path of sustainable development, which is in line with the long-term interests of mankind. Protecting the environment and saving resources and energy is the key to achieve sustainable development

packaging and environment

the relationship between packaging and environment is very close. Packaging not only consumes a lot of resources and energy, but also its waste has become a source of pollution to the environment. According to relevant statistics, the total amount of garbage discarded in the world every year is close to 10 billion tons, of which packaging waste accounts for about 1/3. If calculated by volume, packaging waste accounts for 1/2 of the total volume of waste mainly used for steel hammer pull-out experiments. What is particularly serious is that a considerable part of the current packaging is made of non degradable materials, which have been left in the environment for a long time, causing serious pollution to the environment, greatly affecting the ecological balance and destroying the living environment of human beings. How to reduce and eliminate the harm of packaging waste to human beings and protect the living environment is a strategic problem faced by the packaging industry. Therefore, the correct selection of packaging materials, the development of green packaging and the protection of human living environment have become an important aspect of sustainable development strategy

the so-called "green packaging" refers to the packaging that has no pollution to the environment from raw materials to product processing and production, can be recycled or recycled, and can be dissolved in nature. To widely promote green packaging, people need to vigorously study and develop environment-friendly (rather than harmful) packaging materials on the one hand, and on the other hand, the packaging manufacturing industry is required to consciously select and apply environment-friendly materials, so as to protect the environment, save resources and energy sources, better improve human living standards and quality of life, and realize the sustainable development of human civilization. Countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of "green packaging", and have formulated laws and regulations related to packaging

concept of green materials

green materials refer to materials or material products that can save resources and energy, protect the ecological environment and workers themselves, and are easy to recycle and have a larger, stronger and higher recycling rate in the process of production, use, scrap, recycling and reuse. The concept of green material is put forward by material scientists from the perspective of materials and material science in order to ensure the sustainable development of human social civilization under the condition of the continuous deterioration of the earth's environment, resources and energy, which is also known as environmental material or environmental conscious material

the main characteristics of green materials include: ① the progressiveness of the material's own performance; ② Comfort of materials; ③ The green characteristics of materials, or environmental coordination, include low consumption of resources and energy in the production process, low pollution or no pollution in use, easy recycling after scrapping, and high recycling efficiency. Green characteristic is the fundamental characteristic that distinguishes green materials from traditional materials. It fully considers the coordination between the research, application and development of materials and environmental protection, resources and energy. The research and application of green materials is an important turning point in the history of material development, which has a great impact on the implementation of sustainable development strategy. Although the current research work is mainly limited to material recycling and reuse technology, material technology and process to reduce "three wastes", alternative materials to reduce environmental pollution, environmental purification materials, degradable materials, etc., with the strengthening of environmental awareness, it is an inevitable trend to consider environmental factors in the research and application of materials

for the packaging industry, green materials are the basis for manufacturing green packaging. The research and development of green environmental protection and degradable packaging materials required for manufacturing "green packaging" is the key to the development of green packaging. Industrial developed countries attach great importance to the research of green packaging materials, and have developed a number of practical green packaging materials. For example, the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany and other countries have successively developed biodegradable plastics. This kind of material has the green characteristics of self decomposition and disappearance after being discarded and no pollution to the environment. It is considered to be the most promising green packaging material. (to be continued)

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